Do I wait for the 5 speed?

Did you call John Huff or Passon and check availability? It's not really clear

Passon products:
I drove an iron 4sp 2.66 1st gear then aluminum 4sp 2.66 1st gear, then went to the aluminum hemi OD. Reg 4sp was 3.23's, Hemi OD was :3.55's. Liked the Hemi OD/3.55's better as the cruising rpms were lower, the gas mileage better and more top end. 160...
As far as ET, roll on power no difference. I quit owning cars before the 5 speed was ready but I have driven and beaten upon a very wicked 505 alum head BB 5 speed 6 pak with 4:10's, no complaints just big smiles.

As to the person with the shifting issues - did you ever check/correct the bell housing alignment to the engine?
Bellhouse alignment was checked beforehand when I was running an stock 4spd 833.