Do I wait for the 5 speed?

That matthon dude knows a thing or two.
Passon, Huff, GFI, they're all criminals, they continue to market and sell, and charge big $, for a trans that they know, and have known for many years, is defective.

I've had discussions with Passon multiple times and met him, he's incompetent.
He didn't develop, design or build the 5 speed, doesn't warranty it, and doesn't work on it.
When I finally got my $ back, he didn't even have a business account to pay me from, not a credit card, business or personal, that would guarantee payment.

I've had discussions with Huff countless times, he's incompetent as well. His personal car has a 5 speed that pops out of gear, yet he invested 6 figures and doesn't even tell customers his own trans is bad.
Huff is supposed to test trans, but he sells any trans he gets, even if it's marked for someone, because he lost a fortune. You buy one from Huff, it's someone else's trans.

GFI created, designed, built, and provides the warranty, but will not honor it, which is really the main part of the warranty.
They almost immediately started buying the cheapest parts they could, and never addressed whatever design flaw of which they're fully aware.

My 5 speed popped out first time I ever put it in 4th.
Passon was zero help.

GFI 'rebuilt' it twice, same issue. They offered me another 'new' trans. Sent it to Huff for 'testing' and it failed.

GFI ghosted me at that point. I had to send a letter of intent to sue, AND jump through multiple hoops to get my money back.

I also know a few guys who bought the OD trans and they had nothing but trouble.

Those who got a 'good' one are extremely lucky, imo.
At one point they had 9 trans that popped out of gear.
With so few going out the door, that's a big number.

Think about it. If you had a revolutionary 5 speed manual trans specifically for Mopars, would you be a regular on, I don't know, THE Mopar forums, FABO, FBBO, FCBO?

Or would you NEVER chime in ever, NEVER respond to questions or those asking for help, NEVER take responsibility?

By now, right now, today, if this trans was so fantastic, it would be a money making machine and production would be way up.
HECK, by this time there should be a 6 speed, and matthon and his whining would be a distant memory.

I get it, the dream of the magical 5 speed that bolts right in to your classic Mopar is too good to pass up, almost too good to be true.
They're using that to con people out of their money.

Whether to buy anything from these clowns shouldn't be a question anymore.
I read all 16 pages of your experience with the defective transmission. That is sad story. I can only imagine the unnecessary stress that caused. I was in a circumstance on a construction project I had done for me that turned out badly. I should have been arrested for my thoughts but lack of sleep for months wears on you plus dealing with everyday life which seems to get more stressful day by day. I'm glad you got your money back which we know still wasn't enough considering the wear and tear on your psyche. I would have loved to hear that these trannys are the silver bullet that we were hoping they would be. I'm real disappointed that they so far seem to be a risky product. It is too bad that by this time as you said they are not advertising the " new and improved , all the bugs are worked out and here's our warranty to prove it " ads on the MoPar forums. Good luck with everything and now I must reconsider my options. I want to run a Pistol Grip from a 71-up B body and so far everything I have seen would mean major mods ( 71 Dart factory SMPI 5.9 magnum) . It may end up being a factory OD 833. It won't be a racecar. I mainly want something I can cruise back to the Nationals in from Nevada and know it won't be something I have to worry about. Well back to the drawing board!