Rewiring my EFI Magnum - 1970 Dart Swinger

I've been busy with all kinds of other things so I haven't had a lot of time for this project. I'm also getting annoyed at how long this little project is taking to I have regressed into my normal habit of not documenting what I'm doing.

Well, I replaced the bent pushrod. It was #3 exhaust, and I'm sure you can't see it from the picture but the witness mark on the valve stem looks OK, the stud is straight, and in general nothing looks bad. With it buttoned back up the engine runs fine, but I have a bit of a lifter tick on that side of the engine. It's a safe bet that lifter is a little unhappy, so I'll pull the valve cover (eventually) and check for a loose rocker and maybe adjust it a bit. Then I'm sure I'll (eventually) pull the intake and replace that lifter.

Next is to finalize the wiring in the engine compartment.