Rewiring my EFI Magnum - 1970 Dart Swinger

I got the car in a drivable state and took it for a shakedown run. Everything seemed OK, but the converter wouldn't lock up. I ran the codes doing the old key / key off method 3 times, then read the blinking check engine light. I got code 37, which is for "Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid CKT (An open or shorted condition detected in the CKT circuit). I had the same code all of last year with to old wiring setup and it was locking fine, so I figured the solenoid finally gave up.

Last night (a couple days later) I hooked up the cruise control servo and went for another run to see if the cruise would work. Nope, no cruise. Then I had a thought - what if the cruise thinks the brakes are on? So I put my foot under the brake pedal and lifted it a bit, then tried the cruise again.

SUCCESS!!! IT WORKS!!!! And my converter locked up too!!!

So it seems my brake switch needs a bit of adjustment, and that was preventing the lockup and would obviously prevent the cruise from working. The brake lights are not on when the pedal is at rest, but I guess the part of the switch that interacts with the cruise control must be closed.

Here's where I'm at... I need to take the tape off all the wires and bundle them up, remove the cruise servo and paint the rusty metal portion and the bracket, put the console back in, and replace the headlight switch with the new one I bought. Then, dare I say, this project would be done?