Rewiring my EFI Magnum - 1970 Dart Swinger

Final updates on this build. I put some miles on the car to make sure everything was good, then I wrapped up all the wires and put some more miles on it last night. Everything works flawlessly... cruise control, ammeter -> voltmeter conversion, headlight relays, and totally redesigned engine bay wiring. But there are a couple of things I wish I had considered ahead of time.

First, the OD light has a dim glow when the light is supposed to be off. The light is turned on by a ground signal from the PCM, but there's a weak ground signal even when the light is supposed to be off. The factory light would have been an incandescent bulb and the weak ground signal wasn't enough to light it up, but the LEDs don't need as much power to illuminate. I should have thought about this because the check engine light did the same thing with my old setup. For the new setup I put the CEL on a relay so the ground signal turns on and off the relay, and it works perfectly (no dim glow anymore).

Second, I didn't consider that the SET/COAST button is a normally closed switch which is powered when the cruise control is on. Because it's normally closed the SET/COAST light comes on whenever I have the cruise on (RESUME/ACCEL is normally open so it only comes on when I tap the button). I thought of a few ways I could make SET/COAST light come on only when I tap the button, but it's not a big deal so I won't bother.