Will these headers fit?

I'm looking to buy new Doug's headers part# D453 for the new engine that I put together for my 73 Dart. I was about to order them, but I checked the application list and it says "no" for column shift auto transmission. Can anyone confirm if this is true or not? Will they not fit? Is that shift linkage really in the way?

Car/future info:
1973 Dart Custom
New engine 318 LA
A904 V8 Trans, using column shifter
Slant six K member, /6 to SBV8 motor mounts
Power steering
Power brakes

I found out they will work with a column shif auto, but these fit Darts from 67 to 72 and not 73 and up. Anyone know why?

The other option is the Patriot H8206-1, but how well do those fit? I was already sold on the Doug's but I may have to go with something else.