340 Oil Priming Question First Start

Hey guys I am in the process of starting up the old 340 that’s been sitting for 5 years after body restoration.

1. 5 quarts of 20-50 added to the full line on the dipstick
2. All plugs removed.
3. Dizzy pulled
4. Manual drill with hex priming stick
5. 2000 RPM right angle drill
6. Oil pressure measured at block using only brass solid connections.
7. 60 PSI measured @2000 drill RPM which I believe equates to 4000 RPM motor speed.?.

Not seeing any oil up at the driver valves (valve covers removed). See a small amount of pooling of oil on the passenger side. Was expecting to see flow but I don’t see anything let alone a river @60psi.

What gives? Thoughts?