Doug's headers not fitting - frustration

So I bought a set of D-453s after hearing they fit a 4-speed car with power steering, and that they fit; shouldn't be any messing around. Then the disappointment started.

So far I've beat the living daylights of them to get clearance from the torsion bars, and away from the power steering. I had to get a TTI Z-bar, not unexpected and I had to buy the part anyway. I just put the column back in, bolted it to the floor and the dash, and find the steering coupler hits the headers, and not just a little bit, it's hitting on the narrow side of it. Saying they fit a power steering car, at least on my car, is just not true.

I've spent as much time taking things back apart as I have putting them together.

So, I'm wondering, what the heck is going on here? It can't be my car, can it?

Car is a 71 Duster, power steering, 360, 4-speed, factory 318 auto car.