Doug's headers not fitting - frustration

All cars are different. I haven't done Doug's on a 4 speed car, but I have on automatics. One Duster fit like a glove with no massaging at all. The other Duster I had to just a tad massage around the drivers torsion bar, BUT, that Duster was a /6 car and has schumacher mounts, which the engine probably isn't sitting as true as a factory V8 car would sit. Both had manual steering, but I can tell I'd have lots of room for power steering.
Trust me on this because I have it - there isn't lots of room for power steering no matter what you might think. The tubes tuck between the steering gear and the block. I had two tubes that touched the steering gear #1 & #3. The steering coupler is flat up against the #7 tube.

Not that it matters, but I'll never recommend them to anybody. If they were a $150 generic Jeg's/Summit header, yeah. But $500+, no.