Doug's headers not fitting - frustration

Just loosening the mounts and lifting the engine and pushing it over while you let it down again will get you where you need to be.

MAKE SURE the engine is 5 1/4" above the the k-member too from k member to Center of crankshaft. There’s no reason why they should be beaten and dinged to fit. Should fit nicely.

I just did a tti install and ended up using a thick truck mount biscuit on the drivers side and also added a 1/4" shim in each side. I retrofitted a magnum 360 based stroker into mine and think had the wrong height bracket on the drivers side.
I may end up with a truck biscuit too because it seems like no matter what I try the mounts just go all the way to the bottom of the slot on both sides.

Do I just need a mount for a late 70s D-something with a 360?