64 Barracuda factory steel wheel paint colors

My car was painted factory gold and the wheels are currently black. I am going to replace the tires, so I thought this would be as good of a time as any to sandblast and repaint the 13” rims. I was thinking of painting the wheels white since I am going with blackwall tires and I was thinking the white strip that shows between the full wheel cover and tire would give it a sort of “faux” whitewall look without all the scrubbing and Bleach White. I have never thought about it or really paid any attention on other cars, but were all wheels painted black if equipped with full wheel covers on ‘64 A bodies? If no, were different sets of wheel color options based on the color of the car, etc. And, no, I like the little 13 inchers and I don’t want to upgrade to 14”-15” wheels; somebody always brings that up.