7875 + 5.9 + E85 + Megasquirt

Awesome news!
9.5 converter? Is it flashing to 3200 under boost, or is that stalling it on the brakes? I’m curious because my 9.5 is supposedly setup as tight as possible; brake stalls to around 3200 and flashes to around 4800 at full boost.

I, again, know very little about converters. Is this something that wore out slowly over time as opposed to breaking all at once? I’ve been wondering what’s holding your new build back as I believe the old motor/turbo went 109 in the 1/8th?
This is all early days in the testing but I’m judging the flash based on where it starts to build boost in 3rd. It might be even tighter on the brake but I haven’t tested. No expert on converters either but it’s possible my old PTC is just overdue for a rework. I’ll send it back to them and find out. It was a great converter behind two different motors, NA and boosted.