7875 + 5.9 + E85 + Megasquirt

It’s been really great to see your build progress with test results from the track. You’ve conducted a massive amount of R&D for our community and I’m extremely grateful. I haven’t gathered the balls to run mine at the track yet for fear of breaking something, but I’m dying to see what it will do. Someday…

I don’t know if you’ve ever covered this, but do you have a specific goal for the car? Certain ET or trap speed?
Take it to the track! Safest place to test. Just don’t try to be a hero or break any records and take it slow at first. Prepare to be disappointed, or maybe not. Take lots of notes, log everything, review, make changes, test….rinse, repeat. I’m an engineer by day so that routine is pretty much in my DNA.

As far as goals for this build, when I set out I just kind of guesstimated that this combo should go 6.50-6.70 and be somewhat streetable/reliable. I think that’s about an honest 600hp at the flywheel at 3200lbs. I’m close.