7875 + 5.9 + E85 + Megasquirt

Nice! I WANT to play with mine more. I “watered down” the hy-guard in my transmission with atf+4 to gain about 200 stall rpm bringing me to ~3200. I’ve gone into the negative degrees, but still hit the hard limiter which I don’t believe is desirable? I’ve not messed with hysteresis enough. It just builds so much under hood heat so quickly, and the limiter feels borderline violent. It’s fun, and I’d love to mess with it for hours, but it just doesn’t “feel” healthy for the setup. Plus I can’t put that power down from a dig(street) anyways; 2nd gear rolling 2step hits are a blast though!

Any idea if testing the 2 step is as rough on the build as it seems? Or does it just feel that way?
You definitely want to get it on the chip. Thats how you really start to build boost. I typically don’t pull any timing until I’m on the 2step, if the converter is tight and the motor doesn’t have any nuts it’s sometimes hard to get it to the chip initially with a bunch of timing yanked out of it whereas once you’re already there it’s harder to get it to “fall off” the 2step unless you get really aggressive with retarding it. You can also throw fuel at it too while on the 2step go help with spool. The goal is to get exhaust energy at the turbine. So firing late or getting fuel to ignite in the exhaust is how you accomplish it.