FAIL right out of the package.

On May 27 I ordered a new Accel HEI module from Holley.
There was no Accel sticker on it like the picture on the website, which isn’t a problem but a ?
Supposed to be a high performance module.

Yesterday I put it in and this morning I went out to go to the store.
Car fired up fine, but it soon became apparent that something wasn’t right.
As I was driving down our street the engine was bucking, missing and ran like total ****.
It was so bad I pulled off the side of the road and swapped my spare module back in.
Car ran perfect again.

The support call wait was 25-35 minutes wait time.

Dammit Jim. :D
I hate buying anything new any more.
It used to be so satisfying to get something new for a car.
I’ll probably even have to pay to ship it back.

I’m going to wait to call them again until I’m not so annoyed about it, or I might say something not so nice.

Prices going up and quality going down.