Minivans are the ideal vehicle, except when they are not

I would be working on my 1966 Valiant but my 2010 Dodge Caravan with many, many miles decided that it needed a new radiator, hoses, etc. A hairline crack in the plastic parts. I was going to use KSeal but this van will be going to my son who is serving in the US Coast Guard. He’ll be at a small boat station and will be able to have a vehicle, I don’t want him having the problem.

To the thread title! Seven passenger, holds a FULL 4x8 sheet of whatever, drives like a large Cadillac if it had new shocks and struts (which mine does thanks to a broken strut spring). In the pic below with the pickup - which of these two vehicles carries seven people or full sheets of drywall???? Yup, the minivan.

Rock Auto can’t shop fast enough, I want to get back to the Valiant!!!