Rewiring my EFI Magnum - 1970 Dart Swinger

Things I haven't done yet:
- Install the CEL. The wiring is all there, I just have to put a hole somewhere and put the light in.
- Install the new headlight switch. My old switch works, but the dome light won't turn on. I like having a dome light, so this will happen soon.

Here's a pic of the engine bay showing the finalized wiring with relay box, cruise servo, etc. I still have to paint my air filter housing and breather, but it's fine for now.

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And here are all the buttons wired into the console ashtray. You can see the SET/COAST button is lit up, and the dim glow of the OD button. It's not really possible to see it during the day, but in the picture and at night it's more obvious.

View attachment 1716245032
Where did you get the cruise control buttons from?