Is Elc. Ignition Worth it?

[QUOTE='64 Cuda]I've been out of the game a while but when I was going to an auto mechanics vocational school we were told to watch Chrysler distributors because the bushings tended to wear out. This would make the timing fluctuate. It was easy to see when the distributor was on a distributor machine, but I kind of doubt many people have one of those, or even know what they look like. :) Don't know if this is still relevant info, but if you're going to buy a used distributor it would be a good idea to check for slop in the bushings.[/QUOTE]
"Thats Good Advice" I Had one that was Shot & Thats Exactly what the Problem was!I could tell i had a Problem with that when my Timing Light Showed Fluctuations on the Timing Marks when Engine was Running Could point to Other Things Too? "But That was my Culprit!! :thumblef: