stealth heads on a 383?

Sounds like your adjusting everything to fit rather than getting the parts that fit and in the long run, work better together without tweaking it to suite. I like the iron head plan and the KB piston option with a slightly thicker gasket for pump freindly gas ratio.
Pushing the issue with a iron headed pump freindly ratio leeds to problems later. As carbon builds up and change of season feul blends come into play, detionation can be an issue.
The difference in 1pt. of ratio is small peanuts in the overall output.

Sure but heads are a BIG part of a performance engine, and if he's starting from scratch the stealth's are the way better deal.
The port volume is not that big of a deal 'in this case' as would it be if there wasn't enough.JMO:read2:

At least it's not in the same boat as the ol 302 boss.

I don't believe he needs 7* of advance but 4-5* would be ok.

I think for mike that if he buy's the same brand alloy pistons at a higher 10.1-11.1 compression and go's with the stealth heads he would be glad he did and it wouldn't take any honing just a lil disassembly-reassembly.

I see 906/915 flowing 212-218cfm stock meanwhile the stealth's are flowing around 275-290cfm out of the box and have the iron beat through out the low lift flow range so it's hard for me to tell a guy not to just change pistons and go w/stealth heads.
If it was me I'd buy the stealth heads and make them work cause I wanna go fast and not fart around.JMO:cheers:

right on mike, good luck!