Captainkirk's Duster project

Chapter 3

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....
Things were cookin' on the Motor Stove. The block had been degreased and acid dipped, new cam bearings and freeze plugs installed, honed standard bore. (4.04) The cast crank was polished, radiused and the oil holes chamferred and deburred. I re-used the 13:1 pistons with Speed Pro rings, which came only .030 over at the time, and I had to meticulously hand-file each one for the proper gap. Back in those days I had no fancy ring-filer thingy. Ahh, the memories! It filled many an evening when I could have been out doing those things that eighteen year-olds do. Looking back, it probably kept me out of trouble. Anyway, It was cold and wintery, So I got this bright idea to assemble the motor in Dad's basement workshop. All the parts were meticulously masked and painted with Pontiac Blue engine enamel; the auto parts store was out of Chrysler Blue, and being 18 and rather impatient, I picked the closest thing to it. The heads had been cc'd to lower the CR to a more streetable 11:1, ported & polished, knurled guides and springs shimmed to go with the cam my shop had selected. The cam was an Automotive Alliance (probably some generic brand at the time) grind with .450/.475 lift and 298/308 duration, topped off with Melling lifters. The engine was assembled with Federal Mogul bearings reusing the rod bolts and nuts, and oil pan. I stuck in a Melling Hi-vol oil pump. The heads went on using Fel-Pro gaskets.
(to be continued..........)