Captainkirk's Duster project

Thanks for the kind feedback, guys. I supposed I'll trudge on with my story; there's a lot more to go. I apologize for the lack of pix, Rumble. Truth is, there are none. Only 2 pix survived that era and they're not digital; they sit on my with me & the car and the other with me, my dad and the car. I lost my dad in '89, so the picture is ,well, priceless. It's one of two pictures I own of him. He was my mentor, advisor and best friend and made me what I am today.
There will be more pix than you can shake a stick at later on.......
Sorry about the width of the story also. Someone posted some real nice pix early in the thread which sorta widened things out a bit. I can't unwiden things without starting a new thread. Maybe I'll do that for Part II.
Unreformed; have at it! Ya know, the really cool thing about some of these memories is, you don't realize they're there until you start writing and then they come flowing out of nooks and crannies you didn't even know you had! When I read back some of my text I'm amazed; as in "I forgot all about that"; as if somebody else had written it! I'd love to hear your memories as well, looking forward to your thread!