Finally the 66 Dart is here!!

Today I dropped off my heads to a respected engine builder(Mike at Active engines)He,s the top in Canada and also known across the states.He does all motors for Dream car garage,also does alot of offshore boat racing engines.He offered me W2 heads and intake done for an unbelievable price,just I,m not gonna be seriously racing Pro/Street yet LOL.He,s gonna see what the RPM,s flow first then go from there.In his shop he had an original Gt350 Mustang fastback(1 of the Hurtz rental cars)I belive it was a 65 or 66?Anyway the owner had shipped the car up from Texas to have the new engine done.So right there thats telling me how good he is.He was telling me how much I,ll enjoy the 408c.i motor.More to come...stay tuned!:clock:
Mike and Wayne have built several SBs and a couple of 383/440 motors for my friend and I . I've known them since the 80s when they worked out of a little shop not much bigger then your garage Petty. They are great guys and very well known.