Captainkirk's Duster project

Well, enough about my misadventures in maintaining throttle control.....back to the project at hand (I tend to get a wee bit off track at times.... :thumblef: )

Things were moving fast, and the car was badly in need of new school clothes....literally. I'd finished my second year of college and was leaving the state for tech school in the fall. Bodyman Mike and I lined up a compressor, a Binks paint gun, (sorry, can't remember which model) and respirators, etc. to go with it. I bought a fiberglass Mopar Pro Comp scoop and spent way more hours than I want to talk about getting it trimmed and shaped to fit the hood, then pop-riveted it in place and blended in the fillets with "tiger hair"; (chopped-up fiberglass cloth mixed with resin). It took a number of tries to get it looking just right, then I smoothed it over with filler and sandable primer. You literally could not tell this was not a was that good. I didn't yet cut the hole in the hood as I wanted a true "cold air" induction setup (similar to the six pack air cleaner setup). I then peeled off all the decals with a heat gun and roughed up the car for final prep. We planned the shoot for a long weekend, and I spent the week before covering things in Dad's garage with plastic and removing everything that didn't need to be in there. With the car outside, I scrubbed and swept that floor until there wasn't a spot on it. Then we bought plastic sheeting and began stapling it to the joists. We built a sort of "plastic tent" around where the car would be with the delusion that the tent would a) keep overspray in , and b) keep dust out. I set up a box fan it the widow (blowing out, of course) and taped a furnace filter to it. I ran the garden hose in under the door, set up the compressor with a regulator and water trap, and then rolled in the car. We spent almost an entire day masking. We drove up to the local NAPA and picked up a gallon of primer/sealer and a gallon of NAPA's version of Mopar Tor-red. I believe their name was "Rally Red". We planned to shoot the primer on Friday night and the color on Saturday night.

Next.......the Shoot.