Opinions WANTED (Tunnel ram)

I'm building my 360....... again, and I was at the swap meet this weekend and picked up a set of 2'' valve J heads (complete). The guy selling them also had an Edelbrock Tunnel ram. After some negotiating I was able to buy the pair of heads and the tunnel ram for $300.00. But I'm not really sure if I even want a tunnel ram. It was just cool. Anyways, Should I stick with my performer RPM and Holley750 or should I use this Ede tunnel ram with a pair of 450 holleys on it. I'd love to hear some opinions on it. Please keep in mind that I already have a hole cut in my hood. The specs on my car are as follows:

9.5:1 Hyper U pistons
Balanced rotating assembly
J heads (Port matched and Bowl Blended)
Cam (TBD)
Stock Dist w/ flame thrower module
Cheap full length headers

727 trans
2600 stall converter

83/4 rear end
3:91 sure grip