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  1. Northern Grit

    What Gen III Hemi dipstick tube are you running with a swap pan and headers??

    It might be worth a shot to try the truck dipstick and tube, #53021322AF . Not sure if it will hit somewhere but the bend and mounting points are different than what's pictured in OP.
  2. Northern Grit

    Should I have a bulge?

    I just looked at a 75, it has the same bulge... but I'm not crawling under there to look for numbers.
  3. Northern Grit

    Jeep LSD

    Yes it dose. The spec. is 4 fluid Oz. or 118ml. I usually just dump one bottle in.
  4. Northern Grit

    What ya-all know about refrigerant dye?

    I know FCA stared doing it in 2011 on some models, and now today on every model. I know most new GMs and Nissans have it from the factory also, but no idea about the other makers. Also the yellow glasses help tremendously with the black light.
  5. Northern Grit

    Redneck Camshaft

    Looks like he also has flame throwers hooked into those pipes!!
  6. Northern Grit

    2008 5.7 value?

    The last time I replaced a 5.7l in a Ram the junk yard engine : 75k miles, intake, t-body, fuel rail and injectors, coils, timing cover, water pump, oil pan, flex plate, ex. manifolds, and 1yr warranty was $3400. I've found similar on Craigslist minus the warranty in the $2500 range.
  7. Northern Grit

    Electric car fail

    It wasn't REmoved, it was just moved to another section.
  8. Northern Grit

    Check this out. A 270 slant 6

    I especially like this part, "For any gear heads out there this is a all steel motor which is hard to come by any more". I'm pretty sure us "gear heads" could see through the BS in the first paragraph LOL.
  9. Northern Grit

    Check this out. A 270 slant 6

    I just saw this one recently
  10. Northern Grit

    Small Block Engine Leaning. Need Suggestions!

    In the 3rd picture the driver's side mount bolt is through the lower ear hole, and the pass. side is through the upper ear hole. Do you have enough "wiggle room" to set them both on the upper or lower holes?
  11. Northern Grit

    Old gas

    In the sealed can it should be fine. I burn 2 year old fuels frequently and never really noticed a difference. Just my opinion though, I don't know the science behind fuel life.
  12. Northern Grit

    Welded upper balljoint.

    Probably overkill. I usually do 4 small welds around the top, that way the heat doesn't cook the cup portion and you can just grind it off for future service.
  13. Northern Grit

    Middle of the Year - where are YOU at ??

    Those headrests are free at the dealership. Extended warranty number X87 for a known failure issue. Covers 2012-2017.
  14. Northern Grit

    How do I clean rust stains off my white sidewalls? PROBLEM SOLVED

    S.O.S. pads and water will work wonders on white walls.
  15. Northern Grit

    Mr. Fixit.....

    Got I nice "new to me" pressure washer free! It was offered to me with a "bad motor". It would run poorly for a few seconds only on cold start and then stall, each pull after the stall was real tight, almost to the point of breaking the pull rope. I took it home, tried it out and sure enough...
  16. Northern Grit

    Mr. Fixit.....

    When I was a kid I saw my dad throwing a VCR in the trash (they were actually valuable back then), he said it was "totally done". I pulled it out of the trash and took it apart, found one of the belts had dried up and cracked apart. I found a rubber band that worked as a replacement, then I...
  17. Northern Grit

    Never done this before (no header gasket)

    Had a set of hooker headers on a small block that would always leak at the gasket. After 2 sets of gaskets failed I used Grey rtv without any gasket, after that they never leaked again.
  18. Northern Grit

    other AMC owners?

    Belongs to my better 1/2.
  19. Northern Grit

    What is the most POWERFUL engine you have ever been behind?

    For me it would be the SS Badger at 7000hp. I belive she is still in operation.
  20. Northern Grit


    I've had several where the short fuel pump wiring harness above the tank have corroded and caused the same type of condition described. It's usually the "upper" connector where the pump harness plugs into the body (4 pin), and can be accessed without dropping the tank. Just look for the harness...
  21. Northern Grit

    3.7 Dodge PCV system?

    That EGR system has its own ex. passage cast into the cylinder head. If equipped it would bolt down at the top rear of the head. this is your EGR valve connector just hanging out in the open, normally it would plug onto the EGR valve just behind that last coil in the pic. Hate to say it but...
  22. Northern Grit

    3.7 Dodge PCV system?

    If there's nothing in it then you should have the metal thread in style that 66wgn440 had mentioned.
  23. Northern Grit

    3.7 Dodge PCV system?

    Dose it have the large oil fill cap and housing that's bolted to the ft. Of the cly. head, or is it a small cap in the valve cover?
  24. Northern Grit

    3.7 Dodge PCV system?

    A 3.7l should have a PCV valve in the oil filler housing, just where the housing gets skinny near the bottom there is a turn lock type PCV with a locking tang and a plastic hose coming out. The EGR valve is mounted at the top rear of the driver side cylinder head and the connector should be...
  25. Northern Grit

    Mystery Hardware

    The one on the rt. Is a door panel clip.
  26. Northern Grit

    Might offend some!

    A priest, a pedophile and a rapist walk into a bar. He sits down and orders a drink.
  27. Northern Grit

    Any benefit to cutting holes in hood underneath scoop?

    I've cut the hole in order to clear a taller intake setup.
  28. Northern Grit

    Nose diving while turning.

    Check your torsion bar cross member (right about under the driver's seat) for cracks/rust.