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    New guy in Northern Virginia

    Welcome from northern Virginia!
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    Classic and Antique Car Insurance

    I dropped American collectors just before Carlisle because they told me my car would not be covered if parked in the hotel parking lot overnight. So if all you do is drive your cars to shows then I guess you’re fine but if periodically you drive somewhere and want to park overnight they won’t...
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    Insurance Co. says car must be in a locked garage

    You’d be wise to check again. I had American Collectors for about a year. Decided before I went to Carlisle I would call them and ask if I was covered while parked in the Hotel parking lot for the show and was abruptly told no. I would only be covered driving to and from the show and while...
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    Edelbrock Pro Flow 4

    Exactly. And so is the sticky a while back talking about “us” not knowing how to correctly set the initial timing at 12* and how to make sure we knew how to install the distributor pointing to #1. The fact that it was a BB shown in the pictures was brought up at that time also. They still denied...
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    Edelbrock Pro Flow 4

    They have a sticky post about distributor phasing which was posted by the moderator within the past couple weeks. My comment about the guys issue confirming there is a phasing issue has gone unanswered. Go figure.
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    408 Valve train noise??

    My Magnum headed 408 has valve train noise also. I’m sure the Hughes hydraulic roller cam doesn’t help.
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    Happy Birthday, Joey!

    Happy Birthday
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    Happy Independence Day!

    Happy 4th to all!!!
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    64 dart convert to EFI

    ProFlo4. If you’re going to do it might as well do it right and no longer have a wet manifold. Plenty of posters have said they have had good luck with the sniper but……. I dislike the fact with the sniper, atomic, fitech, all retain the wet manifold and house all of the electronics in the unit...
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    Just Ordered A New Challenger R/T

    R/T Plus most likely very similar to yours.
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    Just Ordered A New Challenger R/T

    Mine was built June 15, 3 days ahead of yours. Waiting on status change to shipped!
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    [SOLD] Edelbrock Small Block Air Gap Intake #7576

    If I don’t sell it locally I’ll let you know.
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    [SOLD] Edelbrock Small Block Air Gap Intake #7576

    As the title says, Powder Coated Edelbrock Air gap intake manifold for small block. Fits “LA” head bolt pattern. Removed when I went to FI. Located in Zip 20187. Local pickup or I can deliver to Carlisle Chrysler Show in July. $300
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    Just Ordered A New Challenger R/T

    Thanks for the link! I remember using this or something similar when I ordered my Ram back in 14. It says mine is in production and gives a estimated delivery date which is at 2 months of the order date. Seems fast but I guess we’ll see?
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    Just Ordered A New Challenger R/T

    I got an email a couple days ago that said mine has started the assembly process. The dealer told me they have received some in as little as 2 months?? I didn’t order a sunroof either and it’s been a month so we’ll see.
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    We Lost A Cat Today

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    Just Ordered A New Challenger R/T

    On the plus side I think the driver convenience package will be of benefit due to the relatively small side mirrors (I am coming from a pickup) and the large blind spot in the rear. Thoughts?
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    Getting ready to plumb my new fuel system

    There’s no problem with hard line. I used a combination of hard line and the PTFE line. If I had to do it again I would have just run the PTFE. Less fittings and less expensive. At a minimum you’ll need to use flexible line at the tank and at the engine. I am suggesting the PTFE line as it’s...
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    Getting ready to plumb my new fuel system

    The ProFlo4 can only handle 10 amps of current on the fuel pump wiring. Use that wiring to trigger a relay using a separate circuit fed from the battery to feed the fuel pump. I used a Summit brand 10 micron fuel filter in the feed line which I used #6 feed and #6 return. If you’re running fuel...
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    Just Ordered A New Challenger R/T

    Congrats! I just ordered a R/T 5.7 with the plus package. Sounds very similar to yours except I opted for the 8 speed. Like you I also despise the black wheels. I would have opted to delete the wheels and keep the standard R/T wheels but that was a no go. On a brighter note at least they’re...
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    LA engine valve cover leaks

    Try installing the Edelbrock manifold used with the ProFlo4 EFI, major interference with the aluminum valve covers compared to the other manifolds I’ve used.
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    Fuel injection or aluminum heads

    If you’re going EFI the do it right and get a multiport setup and ditch the wet manifold. As stated above also do it correctly and put the fuel pump in the tank. And also as stated above, plan on another $1K in a fuel system.
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    What in tank fuel pump (Edelbrock ProFlow 4)

    I have the Aeromotive 340 Gph pump running with my proflow3 and ProFlo4 bought through Summit. No issues. The 200 gph pumps they make today weren’t available at the time or I would have used them instead. I have a friend running the tanks Inc setup on a Proflo3 also with no issues. The...
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    HBD Keith! 66340SEDAN

    Happy Birthday!
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    Pro Flo 4 Timing

    I agree with the above post. Read the posts above about timing and get the adjustable rotor. I’m running a stock Alt with basically the MAD bypass and have no issues running the fuel pump, ProFlo4, and electric fan even with the A/C on so anything rated at or above the stock specs for an A/C car...
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    EFI -VS- TBI which one-good-best-better?

    The voltage you refer to the system needing is not the “EFI” system it’s the fuel system. See information in the post above. I’m running a stock alternator and have no voltage drop issues but have modified my charging system wiring bypassing the bulkhead as described elsewhere. Also as...
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    Pro Flo 4 Tablet

    I have a Amazon tablet that I use for mine. The problem is that you have to jailbreak it to download from the Google play store. Not to hard to do. Any android based tablet that can download the app from the google store will work. Do you have an android phone? That should work also. There is...
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    340 Gets Terrible Gas Mileage

    Just for comparison, in my E-body I have a stock cam 69 340, ProFlo4 EFI, 727 trans with a GVOD, 3.23 gears and TTI headers and exhaust. Running to Carlisle from northern Virginia back in July some stops at the beginning and two days running to the fairgrounds and dinner with A/C on part of the...
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    High output alternator recommendations

    I run the ProFlo4 EFI, in tank 340lph Areomotive fuel pump, electric fan, and the mad bypass on my cars and both have no issues at idle holding 14V even with the headlights and A/C on. This voltage is verified by the dash gauge hooked at the fuse block and the ProFlo4 data which is sensed at the...
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    11th Annual MOPAR Show, Culpeper VA, 3 October 2021

    I’ll be there along with a couple others.