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  1. dart_68

    20+ years of "Building 904/727 for drag racing use"

    Chris, I've dealt with you before and you're a standup guy! Thanks!
  2. dart_68

    904 front clutch spring question

    I've read/heard that if you're building a hipo/race 904 that the front clutch spring should be replace either with a reverse wound spring or a multiple spring pack. The reason for this is that at higher RPM the stock spring winds up and thus loosens. Question - at what RPM would this become...
  3. dart_68

    Torque Flight Shift Problem

    Interesting. I have been planning on adding a ground between the block and the firewall.
  4. dart_68

    Drag Race Advice Needed

    Welcome to FABO! :welcome: You COULD go with a glide but then you'd need to buy the motor/trans adapter kit. Just an expense that is not needed with a 727. Plus with the 727 you get a lower 1st gear to get a heavier car moving. I'm not a big fan of TCI transmissions, but only from fellow...
  5. dart_68

    Torque Flight Shift Problem

    I have the same problem with a B&M cable operated shifter. The outer casing melted and the cable goes out the slot/hole when I try to move into any gear other than first. First gear is when the cable is stretched the most and the tension pulls it back into the cable housing. How it melted is...
  6. dart_68

    Hot Mopar Babes III

    I tend to look at the entire field, not just the playground...
  7. dart_68

    Hot Mopar Babes III

    Uh, no. Nose rings just make you look like you've got snot coming out of your nose.
  8. dart_68

    Hot Mopar Babes III

    Again, another poor woman who can't fly on public aircraft....because they don't allow sssssmokin'
  9. dart_68

    [SOLD] 8.25 rear end

    This rear end came out of a 73 Duster - 3.21 ratio...OPEN No brakes LBP Located in Lakewood, CO Shipping not available $250
  10. dart_68

    Longer rear break hose available?

    Update.... I checked on Raybestos web site and the length of the hose is 14.5". The hose I have is JUST shy of that. Either way it was still too short. However, there is an exhaust/muffler hanger mount about 3" below the mounting point for the hose. I ended up using that point to mount the...
  11. dart_68

    Longer rear break hose available?

    I replacing the rear brake hose and the one I ordered is too short. I'm working on a 73 Duster with an 8.25 rear axle and when the rear suspension is fully extended the new hose is way to short. I'd say 3-4 inches too short. I've looked at hoses online for other cars and there are different...
  12. dart_68

    Question for 904 gurus

    Got what I hope is a simple question. My 904 seems to have a too high shift point even at part throttle. I'm using Lokar throttle and kickdown cables and I noticed that when the carb is at idle the kickdown cable does not allow the lever (on the trans) to go far enough to release all the...
  13. dart_68

    weight transfer

    Ask Don Garlits...
  14. dart_68

    B1 heads?

    Thanks for the info, everyone!
  15. dart_68

    B1 heads?

    I wasn't sure they were still in business!
  16. dart_68

    B1 heads?

    I've always been a fan of the original B1 heads. I was wondering if those heads are still available and what other heads would be comparable?
  17. dart_68

    questions about battery disconnect wiring

    "Item no longer available." at least from that seller.
  18. dart_68

    Hot Mopar Babes III

    What could you do with all of that? Sure, I'd like to find out but wow,
  19. dart_68

    Hello from AZ!

    Welcome from Colorado! :welcome:
  20. dart_68

    [SOLD] Small block heads & Edelbrock intake manifold

    Yup. Found the casting numbers and they are 308s.
  21. dart_68

    [SOLD] Small block heads & Edelbrock intake manifold

    I don't think there is a flat rate box that they will fit in. Did you want the heads and the manifold?
  22. dart_68

    [SOLD] Small block heads & Edelbrock intake manifold

    1990 Small block LA heads. Heads were set up for stock roller cam and have only idle run time, no miles. Selling because I got a good deal on aluminum heads. $400 Edelbrock Performer aluminum intake manifold. Will fit LA 273-360. $150 Will separate. Thank you.
  23. dart_68

    Speedometer needle replacement

    Thanks Jim. I went with Cudamark's suggestion and epoxied an 18 gauge aluminum wire where it broke off and painted it bright orange. Looks pretty good and you probably wouldn't notice it.
  24. dart_68

    What the crap!

    Probably something about the latest change/update. Look for the stay logged in box and check it.
  25. dart_68

    Hydr lifters, adjustable roller rocker arms, had some noise, tried to adjust preload did i mess up?

    I've been following this thread, very good always from y'all,. I've read that stock cams are designed so that they reduce lifter noise as much as possible. Performance cams designers couldn't care less so those cams are naturally noisier. My question for the op - is it overall...
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    Guess I'm older than dirt

    I'm not old but I did celebrate the 38th anniversary of my 21st birthday.
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    Happy Birthday Cudachick1968

    Happy birthday!
  28. dart_68

    Speedometer needle replacement

    The speedometer needle in my 73 dart has broken off the long end. Is it possible to replace the needle and who sells the needle? Thanks!
  29. dart_68

    Street Radials. Speed ratings

    If your concern is wet traction why are you the least bit concerned about speed rating? Are you planning on going at a high rate of speed in the rain? Speed rating should only be an issue if you plan to race on those same tires AND can get going fast enough where the tire speed rating should...