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  1. sammie

    Chryslers at Carlisle. Who's goin and your spots?

    Three weeks ago I called Carlisle for spots! They only had a handful of car corral spots open they told me! No vender and no car show spots. I think the guys are buying the spots just to keep their trucks close by! Same **** in the spring show. Yeah they sold all the spots ! But I guess that's...
  2. sammie

    Chryslers at Carlisle. Who's goin and your spots?

    I wont be there today. But I will tomorrow with a 67 dart gt for sale c313
  3. sammie

    Chryslers at Carlisle. Who's goin and your spots?

    Everyone's prices did.. friend of mine has them doing a 68 buick gs bumper $1000 each
  4. sammie

    Chryslers at Carlisle. Who's goin and your spots?

    They are going to be there!
  5. sammie

    [FOR SALE] 67 dart door arm rest

    The tears are both the same side. Not a left and right!
  6. sammie

    [FOR SALE] Green rear arm rest

    Not sure what year they are off of. Nice ash trays no cracks! $25 plus shipping from NY
  7. sammie

    [SOLD] 67 dart parts

    Passenger side headlight bezel .. has some dents! $7 Rear 67 dart backup retainer brackets only $7 . 1 hood edge molding. Some scrapes can be cleaned up !$7 Plus shipping from NY! I have complete set of 67 gt top belt moldings $75 each piece or $300 for a complete set. I will be going to...
  8. sammie

    [FOR SALE] 67 dart door arm rest

    Set of front arm rest and 2 of the same side rear arm rest off a 67 dart. Rears have nice ash trays and crack free pads. 1 front pad is shot the other crack free! $40 set of 4+ shipping from NY 11727
  9. sammie

    [FOR SALE] 67-69 rear inner door sills for hardtop

    May fit convertible and 2 door sedans? Off a 67 hardtop! $25 for them. +shipping
  10. sammie

    [FOR SALE] 67 dodge dart chrome center steering wheel ring

    Good driver quality center of a 67 dart $35 plus shipping from NY 11727. PayPal is fine plus 3% or friends and family. I have interior and exterior trim left over for 67 dart gt so ask if your looking for something specific. I will be at Spring Carlisle and maybe mopar Carlisle . Not set up...
  11. sammie

    [Found!] 1967 Barracuda Fender Script Emblem

    Did you find one? I have 2 67 barracuda emblems 1 has the tail cut off like yours in the picture the other is close to mint not cut
  12. sammie

    [SOLD] 67 Ignition, wiper and headlight switches

    What is part number on the wiper switch?
  13. sammie

    [Found!] 1967-76 new AMD Tinted windshield

    FWIW. I just bought a tinted windshield on ebay from autocity1958 for my 67 hardtop dart. It's not an amd. They are all made over seas. But it was $269 +tax. Free shipping and the glass fit great!!
  14. sammie

    [WANTED] 69 dodge hood emblem

    Looking for a nice "dodge" emblem for the 69 dart hoods part # 2898866
  15. sammie

    [SOLD] 1967-69 dart bumper guards

    $20 plus shipping
  16. sammie

    Mounting a stock shroud on a Champion 22" radiator - 73 Duster

    Just did this today . Thanks to your idea!! Thank you!
  17. sammie

    Is a pistol grip shifter a good choice for power shifting/drag racing?

    Back when I was a teenager. I HAD A CLOSE FRIEND who drove a 70 ls6 454 with a 4spd and 410 gears. He had the hurst t handle. He drove that car like he stole it. He never missed a gear power shifting and never had a problem! Nothing came lose , broke nothing! I dont like the t handle myself...
  18. sammie

    [SOLD] 66-68 auto shifter handle

    Off a 67 dart . Auto shifter handle in driver quality. $15 plus shipping from NY 11727 paypal or postal MO
  19. sammie

    [SOLD] 67 dart gt door panel emblems

    Set of dart gt emblems for inside door panels. The studs were drilled out just enough to get them off. Comes with the support washers! $30 plus shipping NY 11727
  20. sammie

    [SOLD] 1967-69 dart bumper guards

    67-69 dart bumper front guards. Driver quality! I didnt clean them! Good for driver or cores! $40 plus shipping from NY 11727
  21. sammie

    [FOR SALE] 67 dart gt emblems and dodge hood emblems

    I have two 67 dart GT fender emblems that I repainted the black paint on.. $20 each or 2 for $35 67 dart gt tail panel emblem some pits not too bad $20 67 dart hood letters D O D G E emblems has pitting! $20 for the set! All of the emblems have zero studs missing! All plus shipping from NY...
  22. sammie

    68 Dart Tire size

    I have the same set up ! I may have to roll the inner well it give me a bit more room. I only have about 3/8 room on dr side!! A touch more on pass side
  23. sammie

    Wiper Motor Harness

    I'd like to see more pictures of that 67!!
  24. sammie

    '67 Dart GT Vert Rocker Trim

    Clips go on the car first!
  25. sammie

    1967 Dart GT Finish panel.

    I love green!!!