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  1. inertia

    Axel shaft hot

    Member Cannucky had a shortened to A rearend. His passenger wheel had 1/4 inch toe-in. Don't remember why we checked, - possibly heat, certainly not wear on those 12?" wide drag radials, lol . Perhaps check your rear toe ?
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    Movie cars
  3. inertia

    Axel shaft hot

    You wouldn't have an exhaust pipe aimed at the axle ?
  4. inertia

    Ad spaces

    Yeah . . My son and friends wont come on the site anymore cuz they only get an inch of unadvertised space on their screen, and all the swiping isn't worth it .
  5. inertia

    Switched to 10" rear drums, now parking brake is too tight

    If/when it breaks, you can repair and extend the adjuster using one of these from most hardware stores.
  6. inertia

    Only 460hp

    See if the car will hook ! ! Power is useless if it won't hook, except in a BS contest . Good luck .
  7. inertia

    Proper tuff wheel adapter gap?

    If you undid the 3 bolts where it goes thru the firewall, try loosening them, - and shifting the column . Leave them loose till everything aligns . just spit balling here !
  8. inertia

    The 489 obsession

    The broken 8 3/4s I've seen, either stripped teeth off the ring-gear, or blown the caps off .
  9. inertia

    The 489 obsession

    I ran a 741 in my 62 max wedge with sticky tires for a coupla years before I found out it was the "weak" one. . . lol
  10. inertia

    Master cylinder lid seal 68 dart

    I have often found the cause to be a violent return of fluid to the reservoir caused by poor brake shoe adjustment with the springs returning the shoes an excessive distance, but most often air in the brakes that compresses when you apply the brakes, then violently shoots fluid BACK in a...
  11. inertia

    Meter Match Problem

    The fuel Guage is VERY slow to respond, adjust and waaaiiitt, adjust and wait . . .
  12. inertia

    Bushing or not??

    There are manfolds/cast iron water pumps that use 2 different sized by-pass hoses, depending on year. You have the adapters nec to use either configuration . Use the ones required to fit your bypass hose .
  13. inertia

    Where to buy carb

    Very, very awesome ! Your inbox is full . .
  14. inertia

    Shorty Headers

    Shorties rob your wallet and horsepower. The drivers headpipe ends up looking like the plumbing under your kitchen sinks trying to get around the steering gear . (I have often asked for a posted pic of the headpipe from those that say they're going to try them, no pix yet .pls post a pic, if you...
  15. inertia

    [WANTED] 1968-72 A-body lower control arms w/sway bar tabs

    Don't know if this will help . MOPAR A/B/E WELD ON SWAY BAR TABS - Bergman Auto Craft I make my own tabs outta rect tube cut diagonally . ≤$5.00 .
  16. inertia

    Internet bridge from house to shop.

    Wifi reaches my son's barn 300' away .
  17. inertia

    Not building heat

    Re-replace the thermostat . 195* .
  18. inertia

    What are these four yellow wires for under dash?

    Perhaps for the dome lite ground via the headlite/domelite switch ? ?
  19. inertia

    common courtesy

    Re-read previous post, tia .
  20. inertia

    common courtesy

    I think we are referring to the " park " at the pump, not fill at the pump! I got a dozen parking spaces, but people insist on pulling on the lot, parking at the pump, go inside with a shopping list and come out 10 mins later, the car behind has filled and trying to get out, car behind backs...
  21. inertia

    common courtesy

    I sell gas, among other things, you block my pumps or my bays, I chew your *** ! !
  22. inertia

    common courtesy

    I chase their *** right outta there, blocking my source of income, that, and parking infront of a bay door ! !
  23. inertia

    Arthur’s Duster

    You can be very proud, - very good job ! !
  24. inertia

    Porsche brembo caliper brake swap for 473$

    Unfortunately not, but only needed a flat piece and a washer for the adapter piece .
  25. inertia

    Porsche brembo caliper brake swap for 473$

    I used the Mazda 4 piston finned alum calipers, and didn't need the 90* mounts .
  26. inertia

    common courtesy

    Corporal punishment - particularly at school ! Consequences !
  27. inertia

    common courtesy

    The wife and I went for blood tests, there was a line of spaced chairs outside, (Covid) . My wife has a bad hip, which is obvious when she walks, all the chairs were occupied, so the wife and I tacked on the end of the line . Lotta men were seated, only one GENTLEMAN stood and offered his chair...
  28. inertia

    1980's brake system disc/drum

    The residual pressure/joker valve is located behind the "flare seat" in the exit port where the brake line goes . The modern wheel clinders have a spring and formed metal cup to hold the seal "lips" against the cyl walls, same way a small amount of pressure would ...
  29. inertia

    Brake Calipers too snug (Pirate Jack A body disc brake kit)

    Try clamping the piston side in a vice, I have a large pair of water pump pliers I use to squeeze the pads against their stop, piston all the way in. You could try without the anti squeel plates for initial setup to be installed after pads are seated. Good luck .
  30. inertia

    Brake Calipers too snug (Pirate Jack A body disc brake kit)

    The inside pad appears to be backwards, the steel backing looks to be against the rotor .