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  1. MoparMike1974

    So we were really enjoying the new HBO show The Last of US until.............

    Since someone mentioned TV commercials..... anyone else tired of all the medication commercials? I mean, if you have "bulging eye syndrome" I think you already know it, no need to advertise for it. I swear most of these diseases you never heard of sound made up to me.
  2. MoparMike1974

    Need help with edelbrock 1406 carb

    I have used the china knock off carb kits and had no issues. Everything fit as it should and worked great for about 1/3 the price.
  3. MoparMike1974

    So we were really enjoying the new HBO show The Last of US until.............

    The world in general has completely lost their minds. People can identify as whatever species, race, gender or object they please and we have to act like its normal. Its only going to get worse. Wait until these kids are running the country.
  4. MoparMike1974

    Need help with edelbrock 1406 carb

    I have been running carters/edelbrocks for over 30 years almost exclusively and never had a flooding problem when using stock style fuel pump. The OP probably has a sunk float or trash in the needle valve.
  5. MoparMike1974

    Fresh 904 start-up

    I start it in neutral and let the pump fill everything up for a few minutes. Shut it down, recheck level and let it eat. It doesnt hurt to let your car idle in neutral for a few minutes before driving it.
  6. MoparMike1974

    Reducing the Beak?

    I have never seen it done but I could see cutting down the header panel to match the grill. It would end up looking close to the later plymouth beakers. Plymouth did it so much better.
  7. MoparMike1974

    Questions for Evaporust Users

    Its jobs like that where a rotiserie pays for itself in one moment.
  8. MoparMike1974

    Edelbrock Intake Issue

    Buy this. Expensive but they dont leak. I put them on everything now, tired of messing with the old junk.
  9. MoparMike1974

    Questions for Evaporust Users

    Sure it can, works fine. I did it just the other day. It wont do anything if no rust is present other than slightly etch the metal. You can leave steel bare for several years if treated with phosphoric. However, if a drop of water gets on it it will rust. There are many brands of phosphoric...
  10. MoparMike1974

    Questions for Evaporust Users

    I have used it but im inpatient and found its easier to throw something in the sandblasting cabinet. I agree, it doesnt seem to last very long. Something like that trunk you might be better off hand sanding what you can get to and filling it with ospho to kill the rust. Use clay to seal off...
  11. MoparMike1974

    Pinhole leak in gas tank

    Flex tape....why didnt I think of that. BTW, the gas tank is NOT for sale. Please stop asking. Its hemi spec. How about this K frame?
  12. MoparMike1974

    Pinhole leak in gas tank

    I have a little rust in my fuel tank. What is the best sealer to fix this? I heard por-15 is good stuff.
  13. MoparMike1974

    Big Block Ring Compressor - Which one?

    In my opinion, the tapered ones are the best. However, you obviously can only use it on one size. The old school spring steel wind up ones have always worked good for me. They just take a little longer to use than the tapered ones.
  14. MoparMike1974

    Proper tuff wheel adapter gap?

    I had an original that was bent. It was quite obvious because you could see the runout when you spun it.
  15. MoparMike1974

    [Found!] 4 speed tunnel hump

    I recently bought one. Everyone was out of stock but I ended up finding that Brewers had some in stock.
  16. MoparMike1974

    Max tire size 69 swinger

    On my swinger I had 235-60-15. When I switched to big bolt pattern the tires were too close to the wheel lip. I ended up going with 225/60/15 and they fit decent. Its still close but not close enough that I have to worry about ripping the quarter panel off. The swingers have horrible wheel...
  17. MoparMike1974

    Rocker panel dimensions?

    I bet you could find someone that would send you a cross section of rocker from a parts car.
  18. MoparMike1974

    Neutral balancing a 360?

    For a street engine go with the B&M flexplate. If you build a stroker it would be worth it to add the metal and internal balance. Im not sure how much metal would be needed with the stroker. Mallory metal is very expensive. Hell, even lead is outrageous these days. Has anyone priced body lead...
  19. MoparMike1974

    Concrete base problem in garage shop. Any construction folks?

    Around here, bank run is what you would use as a base. Its a mixture of gravel, sand and red clay and packs like a mutha. I also use recycled concrete which also makes a great base. You can tamp it down and its hard as concrete.
  20. MoparMike1974

    Options for installing AMD Quarter on a '70 Dart

    Yep, they weren't perfect when they were new. I just did rockers on my 74 cuda and the rear inner on the driver side was cocked about 1/4". (E body had two piece inner rockers).
  21. MoparMike1974

    [SOLD] New 340 Pie Tin

    Put me second in line if still available.
  22. MoparMike1974

    Options for installing AMD Quarter on a '70 Dart

    On the quarter to roof seam, you typically have no choice since they are usually rotted there. The correct way would be to tuck the quarter under the roof and that may require drilling a few of the drip rail spots. Another option is to cut a small slit so the roof can be lifted slightly. Another...
  23. MoparMike1974

    Transmission lines

    The fittings are the same and at the same location on both transmissions. The 904 lines should work or be close enough to make work.
  24. MoparMike1974

    Broken bell crank bolt

    Drop the trans crossmember and let the engine tilt back. This might get it low enough so you can get to it better. If its a small block you may want to pull the distributor. Either way, watch firewall clearance while lowering the tail.
  25. MoparMike1974


    I think you can retrofit an E body slapstick in there fairly easy.
  26. MoparMike1974

    How do I find an 8 3/4 rear in the jy

    8 1/4 started in 73 in 340 cars and some 318 cars. This was also the changeover year to big bolt pattern. I recently parted a 71 swinger slant six car that had an 8 3/4 in it. I had no idea until I got the car home and jacked it up. So never say never, anything can have one in it.
  27. MoparMike1974

    Come on Edelbrock. Get your act together.

    Wow, that is terrible. Its a shame considering what they charge for a damn intake these days. My RB six pack intake has a bunch of dings down in the runners. My guess is they used an air hammer to knock out remaining casting sand, that is what it looks like.
  28. MoparMike1974

    Console question !

    I think the stubby front one was used on 73+ cars with the ducts that bolt to the bottom of the dash frame. I have both styles here. The one the OP posted is certainly hacked.
  29. MoparMike1974

    Can anyone i.d. these for me?

    I think the 71 cuda ones are one year only. They are slimmer and shorter. 73 changed to the fat ones. The 73+ ones are repopped in metal, I have bought them.
  30. MoparMike1974

    Doug’s or tti headers

    I just got a set of 440 polished ceramic headers and man are they pretty. It took nearly 3 months to get them so keep that in mind.