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  1. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] One black sunvisor

    Still available. $12 + postage.
  2. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] Partial Set of 1971 Seat Belts

    Bench if I remember correctly.
  3. 69GT

    1970 Steering column question

    I'm looking for a column shift automatic power steering column for my 70 Dart. Is the 70 column a one year only column? I thought I read this somewhere once. I know other year columns will interchange but I want to put the correct column in the car.
  4. 69GT

    [WANTED] 1970 Dart Rally Dash Bezel

    Sorry, didn't think to mention that. No AC.
  5. 69GT

    [WANTED] 1970 Dart Rally Dash Bezel

    I'm still looking for a rally dash bezel for a 1970 Dart. I would prefer one that doesn't need restoring but one that does is O.K. too. Cut for an aftermarket radio is O.K. as well.
  6. 69GT

    [WANTED] Black Sunvisors for a 69/70 Dart

    I need complete visor assemblies. Somebody put later style visors (the kind that don't clip into the mirror base) in my car.
  7. 69GT

    [WANTED] Black Sunvisors for a 69/70 Dart

    Still need. Somebody has got to have a pair.
  8. 69GT

    Question about changing axles

    I picked up a new pair of Moser large bolt pattern axles for my 70 Dart a while back and I am finally going to install them. The 8 3/4 rear end is the original I believe and it has a 489 center. The new axles have green bearings installed on them. Will I be able to slide them right in or is...
  9. 69GT

    Big block Dart hood clearance question

    Yes, I already planned on a drop base air cleaner. I have been planning on using the RPM manifold initially but my end goal is to put an STR-15 crossram on it. Hopefully, that will clear the hood as well but I don't have any smaller drop base air cleaners for it. Not even sure if they make a...
  10. 69GT

    Big block Dart hood clearance question

    I have a question for the big block 67/69 Dart owners here. I'm building a 400 stroker for my 69 Dart. A while back I bought a new Performer RPM intake manifold for it. It's getting close to the time to install it on the motor before I put the motor in the car and it just came to mind to ask...
  11. 69GT

    [WANTED] 70 Dart Rear Seat

    I imagine shipping would be expensive.
  12. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] 69 Dart GT Body Moldings

    For sale are a set of 69 Dart GT body moldings that have been restored. They are in very nice condition with the exception of one of the end pieces which was unable to be straightened on the tip (see pic). Other than that and a couple of small chips in the paint from handling that need to be...
  13. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] 2468372 Big block bellhousing and inspection cover

    For sale are a 2468372 big block bellhousing and inspection cover. The bellhousing has been media blasted and I put a coat of primer on it. $550 for both. No Paypal.
  14. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] One black sunvisor

    One black sunvisor. I do not know what it is for as it was part of a parts lot I purchased. $15 + postage. No Paypal.
  15. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] 2 1966 Style Full Horn Rings

    For sale are two 1966 (maybe 65 as well) full circle three spoke steering wheel horn rings. Both have minor pitting. The one on the left has some abrasions on a couple of the spokes. They are part number 2643689. Asking $20 for the one on the left and $35 for the one on the right or $45 for the...
  16. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] Spectre brand various size hose clamp covers

    137 Spectre brand radiator and heater hose clamp covers. Some chrome, some red and some blue anodized. Various sizes. $50 for the lot + postage. No Paypal
  17. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] Single nipple valve cover breather with hose

    Single nipple valve cover breather with hose. If I remember correctly, this came off of a 1970 engine. Nice shape. $35 + postage. No Paypal
  18. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] 72 Duster Taillight Harness

    I got this taillight harness with a batch of other parts. I believe it is from a 72 Duster but please correct me if I am wrong. It is part number 3588166. $30 + postage. No Paypal.
  19. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] 68-69 Dart Glove Box Door w/Bezel

    For sale is a glove box door from a 68 Dart GTS. Includes the bezel, hinge, lock mechanism, latch tab and the retaining cable with the shoulder screw. $45 plus postage. No Paypal.
  20. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] White 69 Swinger Tail Stripe

    For sale is a white 69 Dart Swinger stripe. It is Scotch 3M brand. It is an older stripe that I got years ago but didn't use. Includes installation instructions. $55 + postage. No Paypal.
  21. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] 1969 Deluxe Steering Wheel

    Deluxe steering wheel out of my 1969 Dart. Has one crack on the rim and one on each spoke, one of which someone filled in with some epoxy. It has a nice horn ring pad with Dodge emblem. $125 + postage. No Paypal.
  22. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] Rear Seat Seat Belt Retainer Clips

    Nice set of original black rear seat seat belt retainers. $25 + postage. No Paypal.
  23. 69GT

    [SOLD] 1 Pair of Chrome Hub Covers

    1 Pair of rear wheel chrome hub covers. Some light pitting but not bad. Fits LBP. $10 for the pair plus postage. No Paypal.
  24. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] Bench seat seat belt guide

    I have one seat belt guide for a bench seat. $10 + postage. No Paypal.
  25. 69GT

    [FOR SALE] Partial Set of 1971 Seat Belts

    For sale is a batch of 1971 dated seat belts. What you see in the pic is what is included. One seat belt retractor plastic housing has a piece missing as shown in the one picture but otherwise they are in pretty good condition. $60 No Paypal.
  26. 69GT

    [Found!] Big block .528 Purple Shaft cam

    I'm looking for a new Mopar Performance 3-bolt big block .528 solid lifter Purple Shaft camshaft.
  27. 69GT

    [WANTED] 70 Dart Rear Seat

    I'm looking for a rear seat for a 70 Dart, preferably located in the metro Detroit area so as to avoid having to ship.