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  1. mcodecuda

    Reducing the Beak?

    Just put a 69 Dart hood and grill in it.
  2. mcodecuda

    [WANTED] NOS Mr. Norm's Tri Power Air Cleaner/Filter $$$$$

    Just curious. What is the outside tape measure dimension of a correct oval filter. If you knew that maybe you could find a round air filter of the same circumference and form the round one into an oval.
  3. mcodecuda

    rotisserie problem

    Can you take a picture of how you have the car mounted and individual shots of the full front and back of the car mounted?
  4. mcodecuda

    [WANTED] NOS Mr. Norm's Tri Power Air Cleaner/Filter $$$$$

    Weren’t these air cleaners the exact same air cleaner that Ford used on their Tri Power cars?
  5. mcodecuda

    Is this panel available aftermarket?

    I needed them when I was restoring my ‘69 cuda and I ended up making them myself. I still have the patterns but they are marked up and don’t remember if the patterns need to be modified. My car had fenderwell headers at one time so those two braces were pretty hacked up. They came out nice and...
  6. mcodecuda

    Mopars at The Rock on 4-8-23

    And I’ll be there also selling parts.
  7. mcodecuda

    Mopars at The Rock on 4-8-23

    I’ll be there in the swap meet area selling parts.
  8. mcodecuda

    Potato Pancakes

    They don’t need to be blanched. Just drain some liquid from them because a lot of the liquid contains starch.
  9. mcodecuda

    Potato Pancakes

    You are 100 correct.
  10. mcodecuda

    Potato Pancakes

    And they have to be fried in Crisco. They don’t taste the same if they are cooked in anything else.
  11. mcodecuda

    Potato Pancakes

    There’s plenty or recipes out there but the ones that I’ve eaten for almost 70 years have potatoes, egg, flour, onion salt and pepper.
  12. mcodecuda

    M code mounts

    Actually the angle iron piece is part of the upper shock mount bracket from a late 60’s pickup and the bracket is the 383 A-body mount that’s been re-bent.
  13. mcodecuda

    M code mounts

    You are correct. The right side bracket is the same as the B/RB. Does your left side bracket have the angle iron bracket welded to it?
  14. mcodecuda

    Do I have a sure-grip or not?

    We ran Shangra-La Speedway in Owego NY and Spencer Speedway in Williamson NY weekly. We also ran In special events at Pocono Speedway on the 3/4 mile inner track and Oswego Speedway in Oswego NY. These were all asphalt tracks. My only dirt track experience was in a Dwarf Car once at Brewerton...
  15. mcodecuda

    How do I find an 8 3/4 rear in the jy

    And we usually paid $50 bucks for them. LOL! Back in the day a friend of mine mentioned a truck in the junkyard having a 8-3/4 but it wasn’t a suregrip so he passed on it. I checked it out and it was a 3.55 and the best thing was that the bed was missing so I didn’t need to crawl under it to...
  16. mcodecuda

    Do I have a sure-grip or not?

    Back in the mid 80’s I ran a Chevy circle track car with a stock 10” rear and we never broke a C-clip but we did break a right side axle once. After that happened we would replace the right side axel halfway through the season. The real problem is twisting an axle since there’s nothing to hold...
  17. mcodecuda

    How do I find an 8 3/4 rear in the jy

    You need to go back and check the center section. It might have a 3.55 in it or if your really lucky it might have a suregrip in it.
  18. mcodecuda

    Do I have a sure-grip or not?

    If it’s a Posi it will turn but it will turn into a GM product.
  19. mcodecuda

    Motor home 727 in duster questions

    Keep in mind if you decide to change the output shaft and the tailshaft housing you can use one from a small block 727.
  20. mcodecuda

    Gasket kit for 90degree oil filter adapter

    I believe that the slotted bolt was used on 340’s.
  21. mcodecuda

    help me see the difference

    Screw the masking. Shoot everything in black and then wipe the areas where you don’t want painted black with lacquer thinner and a rag.
  22. mcodecuda

    Any info on installing tapered axles in a 64 8 3/4?

    You’re holding the shim in your hand per your last picture.
  23. mcodecuda

    Would you seal the transmission tunnel?

    Sorry, I must of hit it by accident. I fixed it.
  24. mcodecuda

    Cutting A833 Input Shaft Question

    Before you install the bearing mount the bell housing and stick the transmission in. Do not install the clutch or pressure plate. If the face of the transmission meets the bell housing there is no need to cut anything. If there is a gap then measure it and add a quarter inch to it and cut the shaft.
  25. mcodecuda

    Rag joint

    It could just be a worm steering component like a tie rod, pitman arm or idler arm.
  26. mcodecuda

    8 3/4 rear

    Why don’t you just use the brake drum or wheel to check it?
  27. mcodecuda

    Video from World Finals = Heads Up 340 Stock Mopars A Bodys in Mid 10's

    She Isn’t driving a Chevy. It’s a Pontiac Firebird with a 350 HO motor.
  28. mcodecuda

    [WANTED] 65 fan shroud brackets

    Joe Suchy has them new I believe.
  29. mcodecuda

    New car mileage

    Our 2016 Chrysler 200 got 37+ on trips. PT Cruisers are probably under powered since are really rebodied Dodge Neons.