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  1. 66fyssh

    Good Guy Alert!!

    That's awesome!!
  2. 66fyssh

    How Do You Like Your Hot Dog?

    Damn, that sounds and looks good.
  3. 66fyssh

    The Demon

    Beautiful Demon! As we say in done good, lol. Seriously, looks like you came out on the better side of the deal. Welcome to FABO!! By the way, I used to drive through Warrenton on my way to Waynesboro PA from Virginia Beach. Drove through there many times. The only place...
  4. 66fyssh

    New to Mopars---BUT always a cool different car fan.

    Welcome to FABO!! Great job on the Barracuda. I know it was fun having your grandson's help!
  5. 66fyssh

    Princess your in box is full!!!

    Rani, I'm glad you changed your avatar. The last one was kinda you were floating under water!!
  6. 66fyssh

    65 Barracuda daily driver

    You have been very busy!! I'm with you, cleaning is a very time consuming process!!
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    Public service announcements. Please don’t use these.

    I made 5 lbs of wings tonight. Turned out to be 29 wings. Did some Buffalo, some creamy parmeson, some teriyaki, and some lemon pepper. They hit the spot!!!
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    A Good Friend Of Mine.....

  9. 66fyssh

    Out with the old, in with the new......

    Sweet! That will keep you going for another 15 years!!
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    Barrett-Jackson "Sold Sticker Girl" is Back!

    Yes please, and thank you, lol. The blond working today will do!!
  11. 66fyssh

    Hello From The UK

    Same over here. I'm 59 and its not what it was unfortunately. But yes, we still have our cars to have fun!!!
  12. 66fyssh

    Hello From The UK

    Welcome to FABO!! Sweet car!!! I served at Greenham Common 1987-1990. Got to see most of England and Wales. Loved my time there!
  13. 66fyssh

    Anyone seen these for sale anywhere?

    I haven't seen any, but I'm interested if you run across them!
  14. 66fyssh

    Barrett-Jackson "Sold Sticker Girl" is Back!

    They're baaaaaaaccccccckkkkkk! The blond is looking good tonight putting the sold stickers on :eek: . Can't get a pic cause the other half is around so you'll have to check for yourself!!
  15. 66fyssh

    Rare Dodge Dart GT? Which engine is this?

    Here's a great article from member @krazykuda . May help. How to ID a Small Block Engine Block:
  16. 66fyssh

    Charged battery, but doesn't even try to start.

    My first look would be the starter relay for a ground.
  17. 66fyssh

    I wish it was closer craigslist finds

    Looks like a good buy!!
  18. 66fyssh

    Comp Ultra Pro Magnum Rockers

    Here's a link. COMP Cams 1622-16 COMP Cams Pro Magnum Shaft Mount Roller Rocker Arms | Summit Racing
  19. 66fyssh

    Never a fun task

    I used to have a hard time doing it, but I always give folks a couple chances so i came to grips with it. Nobody (well, not too many) likes taking someone's livelihood away.
  20. 66fyssh

    Missing motors

    There are a couple Lost and Found threads. Here's one. Lost and found post your engine vin
  21. 66fyssh

    Never a fun task

    I look at it this way. I have never fired anyone, they fire themselve. I just free up their future so they go try somewhere else.
  22. 66fyssh

    340 Spark Plug Wiring Schematic

    Or, to say the same thing another way. Get the rotor pointing towards your number 1. Pull the distributor and rotate rotor to point to your number 6. This now becomes #1. Pull all wires and connect to 18436572 firing order.
  23. 66fyssh

    My Luck

  24. 66fyssh

    Re-Wiring 1975 Plymouth Duster

    @Wrivera that's a very generous offer from @Mattax. He knows wiring, for sure!! Shoot Mattax a PM and touch base at least. Thank you for your Service!! I'm retired Air Force myself. Never stationed at McGuire / Fort Dix though.
  25. 66fyssh

    Early vs. Late dusters

    My first car was a 72 Duster. But it was running and driving. Heck, it was 1979 when I bought it, lol. I'd go with the '75 for him.
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    Father/Daughter Youtube Channel

    I subscribed.
  27. 66fyssh

    Question about installing master cylinder on 68 dart

    The prior owner may have been trying to duplicate a fuel line ground strap. It helps complete a ground for the fuel gauge. DMPS-11097-GSE Mopar Fuel Sending Unit Ground Strap 7" Long -
  28. 66fyssh

    Question about installing master cylinder on 68 dart

    The rubber "keeper" fits around the pushrod to keep it from coming out of the master cylinder. Your old pushrod should have one. The pushrod can be a pain to get out. The last one I did, I loosened the master cylinder at the firewall and put a spacer in between the firewall and the master...
  29. 66fyssh

    Hey, I'm back !!

    @Cope still have this?
  30. 66fyssh

    Hey, I'm back !!

    We have missed you around here!