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  1. cudascott

    Wire terminal Insulator questions

    just use bare crimp on connectors and heat shrink looks a lot cleaner than the insulated ones and works as intended.
  2. cudascott

    steering column ????

    Maybe one column is for a manual steer and the other is power steer.
  3. cudascott

    Deleting PMs

    Thanks Al I see now I can do it like that as well:thumbsup:
  4. cudascott

    Deleting PMs

    I can’t leave (delete) conversations in my PM box because of this shaded white box at the bottom of the page. This box is on all pages when I’m on the forum. I can see the action bar to choose what to do with selected messages but I can’t do anything with it because of this shaded white area. I...
  5. cudascott

    Manual Tranny Oil temp preparation

    you could run a lower viscosity oil in it the factory service manual recommends using automatic trans fluid in the gear box in colder climates.
  6. cudascott

    Time to play another episode of WHAT'S THESE PARTS !

    I believe the originals where sheet metal
  7. cudascott

    Time to play another episode of WHAT'S THESE PARTS !

    That’s exactly what they are there are two braces that bolt to these as well and attach to the trunk floor.
  8. cudascott

    Another order of Killer Carbide Burrs

    How do you go about ordering some of these?
  9. cudascott

    Steering collumn too short???

    If you didn’t convert from power to manual steering the inner shaft telescopes in in the event of a collision and is held in place only by extruded plastic pins. It‘s not uncommon for them to break with very little force just pull the inner shaft out to mate the coupler up to the steering box.
  10. cudascott

    Scratch in upper control arm

    that’s the reason i asked what type bushing he was using. Never used Poly but don’t they use the original outer shell?
  11. cudascott

    Scratch in upper control arm

    What type of bushings are you planning to use?
  12. cudascott

    Water leak

    Here’s a link to a thread about cleaning the drains
  13. cudascott

    Water leak

    Check the cowl drains on each end behind the fenders they get clogged with debri.
  14. cudascott

    What's With the Two Blue Fluid Containers Under the Hood?

    The hood on it needs some work it looks like it was in a hail storm
  15. cudascott

    Door hinge interchange? Darts, mainly

    Guess I should read the whole post huh :lol:
  16. cudascott

    Door hinge interchange? Darts, mainly

    @MoparLeo can rebuild them to like new for you
  17. cudascott

    Merry Christmas to all my Mopar Friends!

    Merry Christmas to everyone!
  18. cudascott

    Nutplates/Screws that fasten Rally Dash to Vehicle
  19. cudascott

    Site Ad Issues?

    Was there ever a fix or reason found on the blank banner showing up in the middle of the page? This is what is see as of right now.
  20. cudascott

    [Found!] ball and socket throttle connection

    Did you check Speedway motors?
  21. cudascott

    67 barracuda convertible(not mine)

    The link takes me to a 67’ convertible that states it’s a slant 6
  22. cudascott

    Site Ad Issues?

    iPad and iPhone IOS 16.1.1 using Safari browser and use a saved link to the home page.
  23. cudascott

    Site Ad Issues?

    It’s at the bottom of the page but still unable to close it
  24. cudascott

    Site Ad Issues?

    I use IOS for both A and B bodies sites and have the link to the home pages saved for both as my favorites and have used that method for years. I did have to delete both links and save them again when the websites were revamped recently. for a couple days now the white stripe has been at the...
  25. cudascott

    Site Ad Issues?

    Look again I’ve been a member quite long enough to know the disagree button
  26. cudascott

    Site Ad Issues?

    I’m not a gold member but I’ve never had this annoying thing before. This is what I see now and when I hit the X to close it does nothing
  27. cudascott

    Hog ring plier recommendation

    the rings also deter pigs from rooting