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    Hello From The UK

  2. Mopar44134

    Any Recommendations on a 1/2" Digital Torque Wrench?

    If you buy a snap on, doesn't it come with a life time warrantee? free calibration? here's one i used back in the late 80's early 90's. I used it for several head jobs.
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    318 build #2 "cost minded" for the '74 Duster

    What was your mileage on the 318 van you took to NNN. 15s?
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    Happy New Year !!!

    Happy New Year everyone! @318willrun I'm jealous you still have a Mr. Donuts.
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    Well Got a Mopar know

    Welcome! Nice score. Look at the size of that alternator. holy crap.
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    Am I Being Unreasonable? Original Owner Wants Car Back

    nope, doesn't seem unreasonable to me.
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    UTG caught and guilty ?? More evidence coming in....

    LMFAO Are threads here that contain Uncle Tony, 318 vs 340/360 going to be moved to N&P? lol
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    318 Poly A engine in a 67 Cuda

    i dont care what anyone stuffs in an A body. /6 426 318 5.7 its all car **** to me.
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    Any 10 second "All Throttle" 318's in door cars ?

    Sorry if its been alread stated or asked...skipped ahead to ask a question. Have you talked to mopar Joe. I thought he had a fast 318 originally in that 68 barracuda. here's a video i found. Is Gary a member?
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    Cam And Lifter Hardness Testing

    any videos on showing how to measure taper on the cam?
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    Looking for some Differential advice

    Ran into a /6 barracuda once with 4.10s. Jumped me off the line, scared me. who wants to be beat by a /6. Caught him by the end of 1st. I had 3.23s. he was going to put a 440 in it soon.
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    Rate My A-Body

    Cool Car. I followed the build on youtube. Looked like fun at no name nationals.
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    Black Friday deals .

    Any deals on Tires? looking for MT street et s/s. Opinions on the speed master connecting rods?
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    318 build #2 "cost minded" for the '74 Duster

    @318willrun two questions Can the cam be used as a core, to be reground? Are you going to reuse the lifters? After seeing the cam, im surprised they showed no signs of damage.
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    Poll on are you running Stock or Modified engines

    so if you pulled a running 360 out of a bone yard....added an aftermarket cam, intake, carb, ignition and headers, is that basially stock lol. Heads have never been off.
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    What's it worth? 318 w/some performance parts

    700 would be the high end for me. If the Rockers looked really good.
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    This one almost got away.

    We have a hay field behind the hunting cabin the farmer allows us to shoot into. shots range from 100 to 300 yard with a hill behind it. great practice with the AR.
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    318 build #2 "cost minded" for the '74 Duster

    @318willrun Love your channel. Going to be an interesting build. You may need to add another $5 to the project to help with mileage. Would love to see a comparison with the duals back on top the motor when all is said and done. If you end up with the LA heads.
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    "Bulletproofing" a Chrysler 2.7, 3.2 or 3.5 liter V6?

    2.7s were bad for that. Ive had luck with 4.7s. 1st one, 2002 ram, bought new, sold it at 140k. Second one was a 2002 Dakota, got it with 140k sold it with 220k. Daughters 2003 cherokee, she got it with around 150k...has 175k on it now. She just got back from New York with it. Heres a 2002 i...
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    Stupid Question, Please take it easy on me!

    shifter linkage is the same.
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    Shipping an Engine

    exactly. When you have an account rates are cheaper. The kicker with my customer, when he went through a broker, Holland still picked it up.
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    Shipping an Engine

    I use to drive for Holland/yellow. try a broker. I had a customer go directly through Holland to ship and it was expensive. They went through a broker, rate was half. Rates are based on volume. Calculate Your Free Freight Rates Now | Compare LTL shipping
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    50 Day Count Down - NNN - Are you going ?

    sorry cant help...already subscribed.
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    50 Day Count Down - NNN - Are you going ?

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    Prayers Needed

    Praying for you buddy! Kick its ***!
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    Possibly the DUMBEST street sign ever!!!

    city probably was sued from someone walking off the sidewalk and go hurt.