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    I couldn’t even start to imagine

    Or eggs???
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    The 72 Demon Follies....

    Look what showed up today....a pair of these!! Thank you Peter at Bergman Auto Craft!! This is the planned solution for getting some caster dialed into the front suspension. It'll be sometime in March before they get installed but our winters last a lot longer than that!!
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    The Demon

    Very nice!! Like the color a lot too! And like someone above said, I'm a bit biased too as I have 2 Demons - a 71 Demon 340 and a 72 street/strip Demon. Cool old cars so welcome! The wealth of knowledge on FABO is incredible so ask and someone will help you out. Forget the $$ aspect; you...
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    What Is The Best Car You've Ever Rode In On The Street?

    Well I had recently bought my 69 Charger and thought it was cool. Passed a guy's house and he and his 70 Coronet RT were in the yard. Stood on the loud pedal thinking I was hot stuff. 2 days later, this guy flags me down in town on a Friday night with the RT. Took me for a ride...that 440...
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    Fuel line routing through front fender well

    Yes I do drive mine on the street more than you'd think. The line is pretty tight to the inside of the wheelwell - the pic may not show that too well. The line is one long one from the pump by the rear axle all the way to the regulator on the inner fender so no connections until the regulator...
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    Fuel line routing through front fender well

    I see you've already made your choice - and you sure have a much nicer car than mine!! You mocked up a line similar to what I have but only better. I went ahead and took some pics of mine just to close the loop and show what I have. The previous pics I posted show what it looks like from the...
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    Fuel line routing through front fender well

    I should be able to get some for you on Sunday. I'll post them up then.
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    Fuel line routing through front fender well's what I did on the avatar car. I ran 3/8" NiCu hard line inside the frame rail from my elec pump, through the trans cross member, then in the RF wheelwell for just a bit. It turns upward and enters the bottom of the regulator that is mounted on the "horizontal" part of the inner...
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    Random pictures thread

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    Post Your Vintage Drag Racing Pics!!

    About 1980...some of you will recognize the track from the tower (Quaker City)
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    Re-Wiring 1975 Plymouth Duster

    So I've rewired both of my Demons. The avatar car used my own design - started it with not one inch of copper wire in the car. Used HayWire wiring for the fuse blocks and source for all components. Darren there is great to work with. But as noted, aftermarket harnesses are generally...
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    Only 460hp

    I agree the OP's results seem fairly reasonable for the heads and cam combo. As others have said, more CR, more cam, and more head flow are in order if you want more output. I don't know about the step headers. Others may have better Intel on them. Me? I'm a big fan of a SFT cam. My 408...
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    Wiper motor wiring

    I made/used this when I made my own harnesses. Maybe it will help you. Match these up to the back of the switch (they are labeled) and you should be able to troubleshoot it. As noted, be SURE the switch and motor are well grounded!
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    Post Your Vintage Drag Racing Pics!!

    ^^^^ dig the license plate!!
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    Which intake - 440

    Appreciate the inputs from all of you. It sounds like I should give the Street Dominator a try so when I awaken the car from its slumber, that will be the first one I try. Looking back at my records (from 30 years ago!!), I should have mentioned that I shifted this car at 5800/5900-ish in...
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    Random pictures thread

    C' your age if you recall this...
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    "Mopar 10 commandments"

    ^^^ I'm not thinking @A body would agree to this bit about a cowl induction hood. Just sayin'....
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    Which intake - 440

    Let's hear some expertise from some of you big block guys/gals! This question is about my 440...but it's not in either Demon. It's in my 69 Charger - so not an A-body but I figure this forum will still speak out! The car was a full street car that I raced 30 years ago. Parked it one day when...
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    Mecum Thursday, Another Duster goes for big bucks

    ^^^^ Does grandma live in Pasedena???
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    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    Only 3 did well! Now be careful with that fuel line connection in the engine compartment as once full, it will siphon the tank if you disconnect it (ask me how I know :BangHead: )
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    Just wanted to THANK EVERYONE!!!!!!!

    Hang in there while your body fully recovers. We're all pulling for you.
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    Mecum Thursday, Another Duster goes for big bucks

    Razor blades or eggs???
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    Enclosed Trailer Questions

    How about some comments on trailer height? Is a 7' interior height worth it over the standard 6'-6"? I'm sure there's a fuel economy hit pulling the taller one but interested in those that have either. I'm only about 6'-2" so seems either would work.
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    Mecum Thursday, Another Duster goes for big bucks

    Seriously, if you're some wealthy person, who cares if you pay $40k or $75k? I doubt Warren Buffet would be hurt by paying more. If you have money, it's only good if you spend it. No reason to have your coffin filled with cash cause it ain't goin' with you!! Clearly some wealthy folks...
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    Mecum Thursday, Another Duster goes for big bucks

    :poke: hopefully a 69 Hemi Daytona??? You knew someone would have to say it!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    My Luck

    Or 2x4's a year+ ago!!
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    Cal Tracks concern

    I have CalTracs and split mono leaf springs on my avatar car. Unless there is water at the starting line, the car lifts and leaves. I have bias slicks. Great axle separation - whole car rises and leaves. 408 with a 4.10 axle and a TC that stalls at 5000 rpm. I have only good to say about...