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  1. JDMopar

    New wheels for the Jalopy!

    Even as bad as I dislike steelies.....#2 is much better! :thumbsup:
  2. JDMopar

    Remembering Roy (SGBARRACUDA)

    Roy was a good'n!! What's weird is that I was out in the garage a while ago and saw a box that I had forgotten what was in it. I pulled it off the shelf and saw Roy's address and instantly knew it was the D100 parts he sent me right before he died. R.I.P. Roy.
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    How Do You Like Your Hot Dog?

    With nothing but Cole slaw.
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    Got an unusual sandwich combo?

    We always have 3 or 4 hot dog buns left over after we've had hot dogs. In the few days after, I'll take a hot dog bun, open it up and apply mayonnaise. Then I'll take 4 or 5 Tommy Toes (Cherry tomatoes to non-Southerner's) and plunk them down in the bun. I call them Tommy Dogs, but all the heck...
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    [SOLD] Small bolt disc brakes

    @hemi71x might be interested if you'll ship.
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    Full front clip parts list

    I'll look and see if I have a card somewhere, but I'm not sure if I do. UPDATE! Have your pencil and paper ready right at the start of the video below. A pic of his business card comes up pretty quick. They show it again towards the end of the video also.
  7. JDMopar

    Full front clip parts list

    @Woodsman341 if you're going to Mopars at The Rock car show at Rockingham Dragway in April, there will be a vendor there that has a pretty big Mopar salvage yard in Shelby, NC. His name is Steve Ivester, so you could talk to him to see if he may have the stuff you need if you haven't found it...
  8. JDMopar

    [FOR SALE] Fully rebuilt NEVER FIRED 1965 273-2 barrel engine $1950

    Ron, if the intake bolt heads are 1/2" wrench size, they are the early version. If the bolt heads are 9/16, they are 66 up. His D4B intake will fit either way.
  9. JDMopar

    Out with the old, in with the new......

    I bought the rear wheel well liners for my 2004 Ram before I left the dealership. They do work, as my truck has zero rust. I have pulled the taillights out a few times to peep in there to see. Granted, my truck has lived a pretty pampered life and hasn't had to be in the snow like a lot of...
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    Shock tower questions (65 barracuda)

    If it's a Texas car, it should be fine. Check around the mounts for the upper control arms and where all that welds to the frame rails. Check the frame rails to make sure they are solid. The part where the top shock mount is only holds the shock itself, unlike a Rustang where it holds the weight...
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    Out with the old, in with the new......

    That's a nice truck! Do the newer Mega cab trucks have a full short bed on them? Seems like the older ones like your 05 and my 04 had shorter beds when you had a Mega cab. Looks like you'd have to be even more careful cranking a 5th wheel around with a shorter bed. Congrats on the new ride...
  12. JDMopar

    rotisserie problem

    Just looking at the pic of it on their website, that was the only thing I could think of. I don't know much about them, so just be careful until you get it figured out. You may have to wait until Monday and just call them.
  13. JDMopar

    73 DUSTER 340 PAINT

    Dang it Wayne! you forgot to tack the middle of the hood and it's full of trash. :eek: You know I'm kidding! It looks really good so far! :thumbsup:
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    My Luck

    I've worked at the power company almost 45 years and you wouldn't believe how many times I've seen stuff like that. People are just stupid sometimes! When I had a chronic thief to deal with, I'd take his neutral wire loose, tape it up and stick it back in the lug. They never could figure out why...
  15. JDMopar

    rotisserie problem

    Do you have the long piece in that ties the 2 parts together? The long bar that slides into the leg on each end where the front wheel is? Maybe look on You Tube to see if Eastwood has a tutorial on how to set it up. You are right to be concerned about it doing what it's doing!
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    Piedmont Mopars Fun Run @ Farmington Dragway 5-13-23

    The annual Piedmont Mopar Club show will be at Farmington Dragway, in Farmington, NC on Saturday 5-13-23. This is a great show that always has tons of show cars, a good swap meet and drag racing. Piedmont Mopar Club puts on a top notch show every year and have been doing this show for decades...
  17. JDMopar

    Mopar Magazines

    I think maybe Chrysler Power died not long after Roland did, but I'm not sure. Haven't seen one in years. I've been getting MCG since they started and I am only missing a few issues. I doubt that will matter when somebody cleans my attic out after I kick I gave up on Mopar Action...
  18. JDMopar

    First step to restoring my 1974 Duster; Front End rebuild (coilovers needed?)

    If it's a factory 318 car, it will already have front disc brakes. :thumbsup:
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    When your weiner is a little hard to handle

    You'd be crazy to take your wiener out in the snow! :realcrazy:
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    Pinhole leak in gas tank

    If you mess with it, you're gonna ruin the originality and value! :realcrazy: :rofl:
  21. JDMopar

    You can........

    Learn something new maybe every day if you pay attention. I'm 65 years old and have been turning wrenches on my Mopars for 49 years now. I have seen and done quite a bit with my cars in that time too. That being said, I learned something new a few weeks ago from a member here who is probably...
  22. JDMopar

    [FOR SALE] 90 Degree Oil Filter Adapters

    Looks like you have 2 for early A's in the left row, one on each end. The one on the right in this pic is an Early A one. Mega Parts sells a bolt and gasket kit if you don't have those missing bolts. Good luck with sale.
  23. JDMopar

    [WANTED] Bolt for MP Ecu

    The one that goes thru the plug to hold it snug? If nobody comes up with the size, just take the ECU off and go to Ace Hardware and find one that fits. Measure the plug depth and get one maybe 1/8 longer. Hope you find one. :thumbsup:
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    And here he thought he was gonna be "Takin it easy" :lol:
  25. JDMopar

    273 Intake Manifold Question!

    Yep, they still put them in 69 model A bodies for sure! I don't know if other body styles got 273's or not? I have a 69 Dart GT conv. with the numbers matching 273/904. To the OP @Camshaftkid , you can buy a new Edelbrock Performer from Summit Racing and it will bolt right on your 273 no...
  26. JDMopar

    SpeedMaster Head- Rocker Options/Questions

    Check the rocker shaft stands on Speedmaster heads. I remember @replicaracer43 found that a set he was fixing had stands, pedestals, whatever you like to call them out of whack and he had to run a ball mill thru them to straighten them out.
  27. JDMopar

    What Is The Best Car You've Ever Rode In On The Street?

    Best car? My 70 A66 Challenger 340 that I bought in 1979. It wasn't the fastest, or nicest car I've ever owned but it did everything really well. It was my daily driver for years and it never let me down. It was fast enough to be fun, rode and drove good, and got decent gas mileage for what it...
  28. JDMopar

    2 post lift install -- documented

    You've done a good job with the prep. I kinda have an attitude of "If enough's enough, more is better" when it comes to doing things like this. My lift is a 4 post, and when I put a vehicle up to work on, I walk around to all 4 posts and physically check all 4 locks to make sure they are...
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    Expensive show of Power !

    The coolest part was when a little ol Papaw man jumped down outta the drivers seat!!! :eek:
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    Watching the TOP GUN movie.

    Looking at fighter jets today, the F-4's look like monsters! I remember watching The Thunderbirds at Myrtle Beach Air Force Base back in the late 60's or very early 70's, and I want to say they were flying F-4's at the time but can't remember. Thanks for your service Jim. You were wrenching on...