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    Who made Mopar Performance Hydraulic Roller Lifters P5249862 for Mopar Perf?

    I believe Crane made many of the MP cams, so maybe they supplied roller lifters.
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    Edelbrock Intake Issue

    Post #24 pics. Not getting how the smaller Chebby style stat will fit. It looks like it would fall in the hole, nothing to support it.
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    Bronze distributor shaft gear wear

    Oops! Point [2]. Sorry, forgot this was a small block, not BB.
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    Bronze distributor shaft gear wear

    [1] I know people who use the standard steel gear with a steel roller cam & have zero problems. You could try it. If it wears, ign timing will retard. So check timing regularly. [2] You can remove the bush by removing the oil pump & using a correctly sized drift. Engine might need raising on...
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    Evaluate Timing chain sets

    Ted, The engine in question was a Pontiac & RM only comes in red series; cam spkt is not hardened. The faulty cam sprocket mentioned in post #6 also has very rough machining marks on it. I have three or four RM cam spts here that have tooth wear with less than 8000m wear on them. Teeth...
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    Evaluate Timing chain sets

    Two weeks back, I fitted a new R/master t/chain set to an engine I am building. When I turned the crank by hand I heard a clicking noise. The Iwis chain was hanging up on the cam sprocket teeth. I compared the spkt to an old R/master spkt & you could see a difference in the tooth shape. Faulty...
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    SpeedMaster Head- Rocker Options/Questions

    Expect shortened cam life with 412 lb/in spring rate. Consider Beehive springs.
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    Engine stops after releasing the gas pedal

    Choke may need adjusting, dropping off too soon.
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    Bronze distributor shaft gear wear

    The dist collar has NOTHING to do with stabilising the pump drive gear. Some collars were plastic. Do you think Chr would risk brittle plastic if that was the case? The load from the oil pump + cam turning seats the pump drive. The direction of the helix on the cam/pump drive gear teeth drives...
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    Is More Flow Better, Is The Smallest Intake Port That Flows The Most The Best

    Post #43. More BS......and from the usual suspect: 'Torque moves the car. It doesn't'. If there was NO torque, the car would not move.
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    David Vizard, Uncle Tony's garage, Unity motorsport. Mission impossible Dodge 302 Head porting

    Concerning the Aussie 265 Pentroof design inline six. A complete car was shipped to Italy along with Aussie engineers to fit the Weber carbs. The car was driven in up a hill, starting at 20 mph, in top gear with three people in the back & crested the hill doing 60 mph.. British racing car...
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    Cam (combination) question - Comp Cams XE268H

    Perf intake [ power band ] is better suited to the 268 cam. A TQ carb or Edel 625 AVS2.
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    Bronze distributor shaft gear wear

    I am amazed after 30 replies that nobody has mentioned the Melonized [ specially treated steel ] gear/shaft available from Hughes Engines for steel roller cams. I started using the Mopar Performance [ then called Direct Connection ] 'performance' oil pump drive in the 70s. The shaft was 4X40...
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    Small block valve springs upgrade

    Comp Beehive # 26918 will do the job. 26915 or 26995 also as you need less pressure with beehive springs for the same valve train control.
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    Small block valve springs upgrade

    Use Beehive springs, large range to choose from. Require less seat pressure, lower rate per in, less strain on the valve train, longer cam life.
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    New Victor340 intake from Jegs

    I see you have ground the leading edge of the runner dividers to a sharper edge, rather than leaving the bull nose edge. I am seeing this a lot now. Have you done any before/after testing?
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    Sorry, very poor computer skills, do not know how.
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    David Vizard, Uncle Tony's garage, Unity motorsport. Mission impossible Dodge 302 Head porting

    RB, The 'smarter' person who claimed the switch to PVA was NOT emissions related was shown to be many times. Shrinker & Tuner are your heroes......& nowhere, repeat nowhere, does either of them, or Taylor, or Larew, or Smith repeat your bullshit that a larger MAB starts...
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    I have a DUI paper catalog [ remember those? ]. In it, in more than one place, it talks about the 'explosion' of the A/F mixture. Of course there is no explosion during normal combustion & anybody who is selling ign components & doesn't know this.....should not be in the ign business. The DUI...
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    Aluminum intake/head torque values

    25 ft lbs for 3/8" bolts & alum intake.
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    David Vizard, Uncle Tony's garage, Unity motorsport. Mission impossible Dodge 302 Head porting

    RB, Post #954. The reason 'the arrogant morons' from down under are on ignore [ but aren't? ] is because we call out your bullshit...such as still waiting for......'the math' to build an engine that doesn't need 30* of idle timing. And then there is the hypocrisy...the fools who think they are...
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    Port my current M1 single plane or install the RPM Air Gap?

    The dyno run in post #38 is a perfect example of 'it ain't necessarily so'..... While some might bet their favourite ******** that a single plane always makes more HP, that test proves otherwise...... It also highlights another aspect of this hobby, that there are many variables such as...
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    Vizard talks lifters, and the Rhoads fast bleed type.

    Bakerlite, Post #19. I doubt the warranty on the cam would last pass sunset if you didn't buy the FT lifters from Jones....
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    Vizard talks lifters, and the Rhoads fast bleed type.

    Jones revealed the info on Speedtalk, post #17. He didn't disclose the lifter brand.
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    Vizard talks lifters, and the Rhoads fast bleed type.

    Jones says he only uses American made FT lifters which are veeeery expensive & the only company making FT lifters in the US.
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    David Vizard, Uncle Tony's garage, Unity motorsport. Mission impossible Dodge 302 Head porting

    The Rat Bastid definition of a problem child: anybody who has the audacity to call out his bulls**t.
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    Interesting video on lifters

    Similar discussion on Speedtalk. A professional engine builder posted that he buys trays of 128 lifters at a time, which he tests for hardness. 18 of them were soft.
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    Best Intake for a 408

    Remember, the quoted rpm range [ for Victor or RPM ] will be lower with more cubes.