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    For those who have used/using a comp series Thermoquad

    I have 850 CS TQs, one with screw in jets, one with push in jets. Both have a brass tube in the rear of the carb for the air valve diaphragm hose. This brass tube has a very small hole in it, about 0.015". It severely restricts the release rate of the diaphragm & therefore how quickly the AV...
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    Reconditioned TQs from Summit

    Just wanted to post some feedback. Carb I ordered was a #6324, 850 CFM originally off a 73 440. The 6324 is what I got. Overall finish was nice & clean. I stripped the carb to check the innards. Float levels were off, but that could have happened in shipping. It had the wrong pri jets & rods...
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    Question about TQ secondary operation

    I am a TQ fan, have used them since the 70s. Have a couple of Comp Series 850s & lots of production models. TQs were used on Aussie Ford 302 & 351 engines in the late 70s, all are 9000 series. The question I have is about the sec discharge tubes, which are the same shape/size on the Ford carbs &...