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    Degreeing a Cam Shaft

    And what about the other 14 lobes.......
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    Cooling issues

    Lean mixture & retarded ign timing will BOTH cause high running temps.
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    Which intake - 440

    Holley SD with 4.10 gears.
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    470 build - Need some insight - 68 Dart

    I think the cork in the system will be the Holley intake feeding 470 cubes. Since you have the cam & intake, why not just try it??
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    Cam & Timing Set Questions

    I have just installed a Rollmaster t/c chain set on an engine [ not a Mopar ] I am building. Chain was quite tight, tighter than I would like. Rotating the engine by hand, I heard this occasional 'clicking' noise; the noise was the chain trying to follow the cam sprocket & finally flicking off...
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    What is inside an oil filler/breather cap?

    The mesh filter stops small rocks from entering the engine......
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    Plastic PCV valve vs Metal PCV valve?

    The hose to the A/C needs to be larger because it is operating under atmospheric pressure, whereas the PCV hose has engine vacuum [ suction ] applied to it.
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    Plastic PCV valve vs Metal PCV valve?

    The actual valve itself is metal in both cases. The 'plastic' is just a 90* elbow that has been added for hose routing.
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    Plastic PCV valve vs Metal PCV valve?

    The plastic one looks like the type GM used.
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    Rings won’t fit in grooves on pistons.. HELP!

    They look like old TRW forged pistons, L2293 & they take 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 rings.
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    Degreeing a Cam Shaft

    Most Crane shelf grinds have 5* of advance ground into them. That means if you install the timing chain set on the '0' mark & all the machining is accurate, the ICL will be 109*.
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    440 Crank in a 383

    I used a 383 block & 440 crank back in the 80s. 383s were sold here in Dodges, 400s were never sold here, so very rare. I used the 383 rods because I like the shorter rod/stroke ratio.
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    Cam button / stock timing chain cover

    I did same as post #5.
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    Trick flow 240 review along with flow number comparison to other aluminum heads

    Trick Flow claim ~640 hp for those 'poor' 240 heads on a 440, with HR cam.
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    New 512 stroker build cam opinion needed

    IMO, The dynamic comp ratio formula/calculation is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike. It uses the intake closing point as some sort of reference to the air inducted into the cyl. It takes no account on how well the port flows [ obviously some flow better than others ] &...
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    Mild 440 break in springs?

    Well, I'd like to think we are friends... There is a beer in the fridge if you are ever in town.....
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    Mild 440 break in springs?

    And you think that because C. Smith says his lifters are made in the USA that is gospel??
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    Mild 440 break in springs?

    If someone with better computer skills than me can link this post, that would be great... June 29 on, headed: 'Lifter manufacturers & who are they'. Reply from CamKing who owns the forum & has been cam grinding for 40yrs: 'There is only one lifter manufacturer that still makes FT...
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    Mild 440 break in springs?

    RRR, Maybe you do some research....
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    Michigan Camshaft?

    Sure it is a roller cam?
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    Mild 440 break in springs?

    Are the lifters American made....or the box they come in. I do not know. What I do know: Mike Jones aka CamKing recently stated that there is [a] only one company making FT lifters in the US & they are veeeeeery expensive. Check out on the SpeedTalk Forum. So unless the lifters are expensive...
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    Mild 440 break in springs?

    Do not use 'new' lifters! According to Mike Jones, aka CamKing, only one company is making FT lifters in the US & they are very expensive. I am not sure if they make Mopar lifters. The rest are 'imported', made of pure crap-anium. Get some 25+ yr old lifters & have them re-faced; break in...
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    Proposed 400 bb build, cam recommendations

    The dual 4 bbl intake in post #76 isn't going to make 600 hp, NA. Those were marine intake manifolds designed for torque in the low/midrange, right where a marine engine needs it.
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    New roller cam...

    Here is a Rockwell C test of lifters from Crower. Information supplied by Crower: -66900, 66971, 66915, 66945................. 55-59 RC -66975, 66973, 66974, 66970.....................64-65 RC. I know which ones I would rather have in my engine.....
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    512 cu Camshaft thinking

    The right cam costs the same as the wrong cam....
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    512 cu Camshaft thinking

    Is the above a sol or hyd roller cam? I would be asking Chris Paget if they dyno tested that cam & another with the same lobes on 106-8 LSA......& how much HP the 114 lost. The 128 rule was devised for the SB Chev by D. Vizard but he claims it works well for most parallel valve heads. Better...
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    512 cu Camshaft thinking

    I think TF has one of the most generous dynos on the planet.... TF claim with the above 243/247 @ 050 cam, a 440 made 620 hp.....
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    512 cu Camshaft thinking

    I gave my recommendation back in post #9...
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    New roller cam...

    I am so sick of wearing out my typing finger on this site & others..... IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR FLAT TAPPET CAM AND LIFTERS TO FAIL, FIND SOME 25+ YEAR OLD LIFTERS AND HAVE THEM RE-FACED. And no, it is not the oil.....or the lube that comes with the cam. It is soft lifter metal....
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    512 cu Camshaft thinking

    68 Hemi. You said: 'Give it some camshaft!' And then give an example of 265/270 @ 050, 108 LSA.