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    idle issues with new A500 behind a fresh 318

    600 rpm is a huge drop going into gear, no matter what the idle timing is. I would suspect an issue with the trans.
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    727 help

    Was the filter clogged?
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    Clearance with dry vs wet clutches

    Bear in mind that a high idle speed can also cause N creep.
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    Used gears, safe storage

    Pour ATF over them.
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    TF 904 Auto slipping 2nd to 3rd when manual shifting @ higher revs

    Cuda, I can see why people do it with the 727/904 trans. [ leave the linkage off ] Once the engine is modified, it can be a lot of messing around to get the linkage/ratio just right for part throttle shifting and the WOT shift. The GM Turbo 400 system is much better.
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    Ongoing vibration issue

    Unlikely that TWO engines would have vibration problems. I would be looking at the tq c'ter.
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    TF 904 Auto slipping 2nd to 3rd when manual shifting @ higher revs

    Yes, it keeps the fwd/factory pattern. From memory, the kit is designed so that it can be returned to full auto mode if desired. Clever piece of kit!
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    TF 904 Auto slipping 2nd to 3rd when manual shifting @ higher revs

    I do not know anybody here that does man VB conversions. Doubt there is a 'market' for Chrys. I have a GM car which has a T350 trans. I bought the man VB from Summit, who are great to deal with. It comes as a bolt in deal. Another option is a Transgo manual shift kit, that converts your existing...
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    TF 904 Auto slipping 2nd to 3rd when manual shifting @ higher revs

    Hate to rain on your parade, but I think the damage has already been done. Whether the damage is due to insufficient line pressure at WOT or the trans is just worn out from a lot of miles. In my opinion, the trans should not spin up on the 2-3 shift even with the KD disconnected. It would...
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    904 poor 1st to 2nd shift

    The most worrying word from the OP I see is the word 'rebuilt'. If clutch clearances & band adjustment are wrong, then these are the symptoms you can get.
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    Torqueflite 904 front clutch question.

    Post $6. Wimps end up with broken transmissions. Sometimes the makers actually know a thing or two...
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    Torqueflite 904 front clutch question.

    What he said. Waved snap rings also used in GM trans & they are usually left in place.
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    Change a 904 to manual valve body

    Dave, Read post #27. I think I spelt out the benefits pretty well.....
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    Change a 904 to manual valve body

    I don't know how the conclusion is reached that someone is 'lazy' because they have a MVB. Just the opposite in fact. With fully auto, put in Drive & forget about it. With a MVB, there will be times where it needs to be shifted. I have had MVBs in all my street cars & there are many good reasons...
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    B&M shifter not catching gear?

    Wow! If I want to make something complicated that should be simple, I will bet B & M to design it. One of the best shifters ever made was the early cable operated Mopar console shifters. Silky smooth operation, like a knife through butter. I modified the gate on a couple of them for positive...
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    About to build my diff- What limited slip?

    I should have been more specific. There are at least two versions of the PowerTrax. I was referring to the NoSlip which is an LSD.
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    About to build my diff- What limited slip?

    I have used three PowerTrax LSDs, but not in Chrys rear ends. Work very well. Virtually indestrucible. Not clutches to wear out. I have heard that the True Tracs are weak, saw a pic of one that failed.
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    727 deep steel pan

    Great way on a street driver to wipe out the tranny! Use the std pan & use a good oil cooler.
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    Race 727 band adjustments

    The KD band adjustment is about timing, not application force. Timing of the 2-3 shift where the band disengages & the front clutch [ 3rd gear ] applies. There is sufficient travel of the KD servo to allow for KD band wear. You could experiment with the adjustment. If it is too too tight, you...
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    Manual valve body W/O engine braking?

    My understanding is that the L/R band does not apply when taking off in Drive. It does apply if the shift lever is pulled into 'L'. So in the original factory configuration, the L/R band would be rarelyused in the fwd position, only in rev. That limited use is probably why the band adjustment is...
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    Torque converter issue?

    You may have more than one issue to fix. As for the odd line up of the gears, my first thought is that the linkage from the trans to the column linkage is worn or loose. That should be easy to find & fix.
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    Question for you guys

    There is always going to be a stack up of manufacturing tolerances. With TC engagement with the trans pump, there are a LOT of players that can add up to a sizeable gap, just because of extremes in the tolerances adding up. Another possibility is the flex plate has bent; hence a large gap. .
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    Reverse/No Forward

    My guess is the rear clutch has gone. It is engaged [ supposed to be ] in all fwd gears, but not in rev. The bang you heard was probably the waved spring breaking in the rear clutch.
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    Kick down has 1/2 travel before lever engages valve

    The Ch kickdown/upshift system was always a poor design in my opinion. Too many variables that affect the adjustment.
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    Sure Grip Advice

    Agree with others, the whine is likely caused by worn brgs allowing the ring & pinion depth/engagement to change. I would take it to an expert for repair unless you are experienced at re-building rear ends.
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    904 help

    I installed the Transgo No YoYo SKTF-SC kit in 1989. This was NOT a shift kit. It fixed a list of 6 complaints, including: 'Drainback. Engages slow after setting. Leaks oil when parked.
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    904 help

    Transgo made a specific kit to stop drain back & it contained a new manual valve.