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  1. dustertogo


    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
  2. dustertogo

    Prayers for the wife

    Prayers sent!
  3. dustertogo

    Secret second hobbies

    Not off topic at all for me. I'm an old mxer from the 70s. I raced a 73 CZ 250 and loved every minute of it, but I could only dream of a Falta!
  4. dustertogo

    Shop tour Minot ND

    Nice looking shop! Mine looks like a bomb exploded in it!!
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    Prayers Needed

    Prayers sent for a full recovery. Trust in the Lord!
  6. dustertogo

    Nice Meet In Gray, Georgia Today

    Cool! Looks like a good cross section of old Mopars. I like the name of the grill too.........Bent Axle!
  7. dustertogo

    Clutch pedal hitting… something

    Yes, that is the clutch pedal stop and it should have a rubber bumper on it as previously mentioned by cudascott.
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    Prayers needed

    Prayers for a good outcome and complete recovery.
  9. dustertogo

    RIP brian6pac

    RIP Brian.
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    Breakfast! What do you like?

    A former co-worker of mine used to obsess with eating "healthy". He was thin, a runner, but also had high cholesterol. I on the other hand, pretty much eat anything I want within reason and moderation. He used to comment when he would see me eating something "unhealthy", that I should probably...
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    Had to let go of a friend yesterday.

    Sorry for your loss. RIP Vincent!
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    Should Members of a Club Sponsoring a Car Show Be Eligible for Awards

    I personally hate most car shows due to the "politics". I'd much rather attend a nice cruise in.
  13. dustertogo

    Eliminate steering wheel lock?

    No biggie either way. Flip a coin.
  14. dustertogo

    Yall Meet Stanley

    Hey Stanley! You're a handsome dude!!!
  15. dustertogo

    blue smoke on acceleration , dramatic increase

    Yep, those are definitely cheapo gaskets.
  16. dustertogo

    We Lost A Cat Today

    Sorry to hear Rusty. We lost ours to illness about a year ago, and I miss her everyday.
  17. dustertogo

    Installing a petronix unit

    Nicely done! Thanks for the "how to".
  18. dustertogo

    Thursday a week ago I lost one of my kitty cats

    So sorry for your loss. We lost our ole girl Harmony last July 5th, and I still miss her every day. We had her from a kitten, and she would have been 16yo had she lived another month. RIP Propane.
  19. dustertogo

    [Found!] Clutch rod clip

    I've got 'em. They are used but in good shape. Send me your info and I can send them to you tomorrow. Robert
  20. dustertogo

    Kitten advice needed

    Just remember, Dogs have masters, Cats have staff! I sure would like to have our old girl Harmony still here...we lost her in 2021 at 16yo.
  21. dustertogo

    Father & Son

    Welcome!! Good luck with the project.
  22. dustertogo

    Pictures of my garage

    Very nice! Do you actually work in there? LOL Mine looks like a bomb went off in it! What size is it , if you don't mind me asking?
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    If you could pick one car show to attend....

    Crusin' The Coast is on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It's held in October and is a huge week long event. Big Easy Mopars out of New Orleans has a Mopar only get together/show (not officially a part of Cruisin' The Coast) on Thursday and alway has a big turn out with lots of nice Mopars.
  24. dustertogo

    Fuel pump choices?

    Lots of over thinking going on here!!!
  25. dustertogo

    Payers for red67gts

    Hope you get well soon and back to your normal routine.
  26. dustertogo

    Could use some prayers....

    Prayers sent for your father-in-law and family. Praying for healing and relief from pain.
  27. dustertogo

    A car followed me home

    True, but some just more than others!