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    Buh Bye

    Nice E-Body, good trade.
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    25,000+ Hi-Res Car Wallpapers

    Can you not spam somewhere else where your soliciting is wanted. I am sure if you contact the admin they will entertain your advertising for a fee. This would be proper site etiquette. Have a nice day!
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    A truck question

    Jack the diff oil shoul be changed every 24,000 km's. check your owners manual. Change the diff oil, may as well put synthetic in there and add 2 bottles of mopar friction modifier. If there was no modifier added when the bearings were done you would have known within a week. hope this helps.
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    Blonde TGIF

    A businessman got on an elevator. When he entered, there was a blonde already inside who greeted him with a bright "T-G-I-F." He smiled at her and replied, "S-H-I-T." She looked puzzled, and repeated,"T-G-I-F," more slowly. He again answered, "S-H-I-T." The blonde was trying to...
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    hauling a car through Canada

    I would call ahead and find out. All it amounts to is cargo in your trailer, and your just passing through. So if you're not going to sell it while in Canada you should be okay. But if you don't call I would definitely stop at the U.S. side before entering so you don't have a problem going...
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    what to do with old gas?

    Try a little in the lawn mower
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    Dukes movie trailer

    What happened to the emoticons?
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    Dukes movie trailer

    I can't wait to see daisy!!
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    Here's the deal....

    Didn't see what your talking about but good on ya for coming clean =D>
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    Whos going to Vegas for Mopars at the Strip??

    I was there and missed everyone. But I did get pics!!
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    I got a promotion today!

    Congrats on the promotion, hope you work as well with the other managers as the GM does at my store. Sorry to hear about the wife.
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    chryslers at carlisle on speed channel tonight... 9pm

    Thanks for the heads up, will have to check it out!!
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    Got some real post whooers here!

    I'll have to check this list!
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    Whos going to Vegas for Mopars at the Strip??

    It is a 3 day event. There will be a ¼ mile of moparscar show at the cannery hotel and Fri night. There will also be entertainment Sat night at the Cannery. Will everyone be at the show Saturday?
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    Got some real post whooers here!

    LOL :thumrigh: :thumleft: :puker:
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    Whos going to Vegas for Mopars at the Strip??

    This the only response? I though there were a few west coast people on the board.
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    were did everyone go ?

    I check in as often as I can!! Warm???? How about Vegas in April??
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    Got some real post whooers here!

    Does this mean I'm the top Canadian poster??
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    Got some real post whooers here!

    post post post
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    Whos going to Vegas for Mopars at the Strip??

    Just wondered if we have a roll call going yet? I will be there Saturday as I'm returning from CA with the family. Is there a meet up spot??
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    is this a 68 cuda steering wheel?

    Wheel as shown fits 71 A bodies and B bodies. that center cap was used on all 71 applications exept Challenger which had it's own unique center. 70 cuda cap was the same but had a fish insert. Hope this helps. BTW, I love Rim Blow wheels :mrgreen:
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    It may be over....

    Do what your heart tells you. Sounds like you are thinking logically though. Now if was rare and #'s matching my answer would be different.
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    Image Hosting?

    No. This is the only board I frequent that I can't upload pics directly to my posts.
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    I want your Opinons

    Sassy Grass with Black stripes.
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    How did he get these in here ?

    Those frame rails are definitely closer together than they were when that car left the factory.
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    Changing colors, would you?

    If you are doing a stock type resto I would go with RED B5 is a nice color but I would only switch if you had a crappy color to begin with like ______,_______,______. You fill in the blanks as I don't want to get flamed.
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    Dr. Conemangler is in derr haus

    Welcome aboard!! :salut: Most of us here are quite colorful, in a nice way. :D
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    New muscle for Jrs Dart !