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    how tochange the rear main seal?

    Could also be the back of the intake or sending unit leaking oil and running down the back of the engine. FSM(Factory Service Manual) :)
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    how tochange the rear main seal?

    Rear main can be replaced without removing the crankshaft. Follow the steps in the FSM for accurate information
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    Oil pump drive shaft

    Glad you got it figured out. I wouldn't put anything from NAPA in a place that could let me down.
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    Cast or Forged?

    125 hp shot should be no prob with 383 and cast pistons. make sure you have good fuel pressure though.
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    Break in oil

    I would wait at least 3000 miles before switching to synthetic.
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    Oil Leak?

    I would not recommend using RTV on the gasket as it will slide out much easier. RTV in the corners and a spray tack type gasket spray to hold the cork is best. My 2¢ :)
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    Oil Leak?

    Where do you see signs of oil?
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    Rear Main Seals ?

    Rope might work better in a high mileage engine with some wear on the crank surface. But a crank in good shape will definitely perform well with a lip seal. Rope for shoes :lol: Good one! lol