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    Hot wheels 70s tradesman van

    Scored 2 of them today....
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    JL 1971 Demon GSS Mr. Norms

    Got mine last week.... it's real nice. Johnny Lightning Club Membership Box with 1971 Dodge Demon GSS
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    Carter bbd

    My '71 Demon 318 came with 2bbl Rochester.
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    Going to PRI first time.

    My son in the industry gets to bring a guest. Excited. He went a couple of years ago through school. Next year he is going to take me to SEMA.
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    No 63 Valiant, but...

    Scored the set myself. Matchbox has a Dodge set as well - total of 12.
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    300 Diecast Models inherited

    I collect diecast and slotcars (Mopar, AMC, Honda/Acura and NASCAR) mainly 1/64 and 1/24 with occasional 1/18. There are local die-cast stores and websites that will buy collections if you Google it. You best but is probably FB Marketplace. I sold my FB and BB card collection that way as a lot...
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    Life like slot track

    That is so cool... puts my 16x4 slot track and 1/8 dragstrip 1/64 scale table to shame.
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    Final Mopar sale in Rockford, Illinois October 1-2

    I need a Tuff Wheel adapter, but I will be at the St. Louis NHRA event that weekend.
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    Meguiars 205, 210 and 110 is what I use for paint correction. Always start with the least aggressive product first. Harbor Freight carries them as well. Fine Cut Cleaner is another...
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    mopar Nats 2022, 8/12-14/22 columbus oh

    Been paying 5.50+ and over $6 for 93 octane since Spring and 2 DDs take it plus the vintage. Thank goodness for OT.
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    m2 diecast anybody else into these

    My collection…. Just came back yesterday from the Midwest toy show and have more to display. I have a 6x16 dragstrip and oval Indy type slot car setup as well.
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    Chryslers at Carlisle. Who's goin and your spots?

    Going next year to celebrate 50 years of my '73 Dart Sport 340
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    Summit Racing oil

    Valvoline 822388 Valvoline VR1 Racing Motor Oil | Summit Racing 10w-30 VR1 since my engine was rebuilt. I don't add anything to it. Run about 500 miles a season and it is a mild 360. Mopar Performance oil filter. My modern DDs - Acura Amsoil, and Honda Si with performance mods use Mobil1...
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    Transmission pan leak

    Duprapene gaskets are more like $13 with shipping on-line. Unless a local part stores have them.
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    [SOLD] Sox and martin duster. Sold

    Diecast or assembled model?
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    340 or 360?

    A '72 340 and 360. I need to have the 340 rebuilt and replace the 5 year-old MRL 360. My plan is to have my son rebuild it when he transfers to SIU's Automotive program.
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    How often do you guys start your car over winter storage?

    I'm just outside Chicago and I don't start it till April/May. Battery pulled in the basement since Nov 1st and on a tender. Full tank with stabilizer and fresh oil change since Oct 31st.
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    m2 diecast anybody else into these

    Nice piece, but the lack of side exhaust exits bothers me. I have the M2 1:24 orange one and it is correct.
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    Mr Norm's 1971 Demon 340 GSS in 1/18....

    I'd be happy with a '73 Dart Sport 340 1/18 or 1/64. They just came out with an Aspen R/T and Volare Road Runner 1/64 Green Lighting
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    Exact 1/18 scale small block engines?

    I'd like a 340 model.
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    Uncle Tony's response to Direct Connection

    Looks like 2024 for the Prologue... but that is an SUV, but I don't do SUVs. The Honda E is cool and would work for my wife as a daily commuter. I am going to wait to see what Honda does mainstream for their cars. I'd love to get a Challenger R/T or Charger before there gone, but I have my...
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    Uncle Tony's response to Direct Connection

    Holding out as going full EVs both the Insight and Prius were Hybrid models, but I think Toyota might have on full EV model now, but I am not sure. I'm not a Toyota fan lol... They were the first to offer Hybrid solutions, which I am for, but not a full plug-in EV solution such as Tesla across...
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    Uncle Tony's response to Direct Connection

    Toyota and Honda holding out as well. Honda has the E which just in the last year came out in European. My son in the summer just graduated the Honda/Acura PACT factory program with an AAS degree. He worked a Honda dealership a couple years and in his 2nd year at an Acura one. My hope is for...
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    73, 74, 75, and 76 dusters and dart sports

    My '73 Dart Sport 340 H Code
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    K&K insurance model

    There was a K&K insurance Charger in 1967 with Bobby Isaac as the pilot. Gallery: The Legend of K&K Insurance, Bobby Isaac & Harry Hyde - Mopar Connection Magazine | A comprehensive daily resource for Mopar enthusiast news, features and the latest Mopar tech
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    Demon 340 six pack factory?

    G -Code. I had one with an OE Rochester 2 bbl carb 1971 Dodge Demon Top Banana yellow with a black vinyl top, houndstooth black interior with bench seat, Dodge wheel covers and 2 speed wipers with pump. My first car bought in 1989 for $2200 with 44,000 miles. Drove it for 7 years putting on...
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    1973 Dart Sport need to replace rear taillight bezels any tips?

    Hello, I have a re-pop set and looking to replace the rear taillight bezels that are pitted bad and the previous owner had painted them black. I know the inside trunk plastic cover has to come out. Any tips to avoid scratching the paint or how remove them with less pain? Thanks in advance! Eric
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    360 Engine issues

    Stock 6 quarts of oil? What oil pan? Because stock takes 5 quarts unless for a truck. In my stock 360 I run 5 quarts.
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    2 years on coolant and about 750 miles on it.

    Tested good to -34* 50/50 mix and a ph level of 9
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    2 years on coolant and about 750 miles on it.

    Green conventional antifreeze 50/50 mix in Chicagoland. Can I wait another year or change it before winter storage this year? 360 LA with new radiator and heater core 2 years ago.