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  1. Hot Metal

    Best Intake for a 408

    Almost same situation as a guy here who's just updated his 416 10:1cr, 40/60 street/strip brkt Demon 11.5's@116 from stock J heads, a comp 280H cam and 2x650Dp's (cos it looks cool...but did nothing) to TF190's 11.4:1cr, to a hyd. roller .624" with 1.6 r/rockers, 255@.050 I think and then he...
  2. Hot Metal

    Performer RPM Magnum heads?

    Unless you must do it yourself and have all the fun/hassle that comes with it all, a very simple way forward funds allowing in a 3000lb car that hooks would be a Blueprint Mag 408@465hp, you'd be looking at> 60 Foot E.T. : 1.51 Seconds 1/8 Mile E.T. : 6.87 Seconds 1/8 Mile Trap Speed ...
  3. Hot Metal

    Post 11 second small block combos

    Street/strip Demon runs in our NSS brkt class here> 340/416ci, 10:1 2.02 J heads, 78cc, no porting Comp 727 with Hughes 3800 stall 8.3/4", 3.91's/28" slicks SS springs, 2 x 650DP's on TR best 11.3's regular 11.5's. 2023 will see it with 850DP Air Gap, TF190's (now 11.4:1) and a...
  4. Hot Metal

    Mission Impossible 318

    weight/mph on ET/MPH From Horsepower Calculators is FWHP, been using it for 35+yrs, when I was racing and still do today for friends cars and its as accurate today as it was for my cars then if you use it correctly, and yes it works on motors that I know have been dyno'd here according to...
  5. Hot Metal

    Mission Impossible 318

    The guy is dreaming for 318fwhp from stock parts in my opinion, trickery or not, keeps the followers going I guess. Back in 1980 I bought a good running all steel full interior street/strip '71 340 Cuda, 10:1, 2.02 stock heads, ally intake, 750DP, hdrs, .484/284 cam, 3.55's 8x26" slicks and a...
  6. Hot Metal

    LA versus Gen 3 race

    just a common street/strip car yeah they all run W9's/420 intakes and detuned? 900hp+ motors:rofl: awesome it is though and in the right car, I always thought it would be cool to have something like that over here so I could blow away most of the 572BB guys today just like I did in the 80's with...
  7. Hot Metal

    422 dyno fail

    Not been through all the posts and cannot offer any new answers that have not been given already apart from giving you the specs of a '72 340/416 demon that runs here in our NSS class as a comparison> !0.1:1, stock 2.02 J heads,73cc, may have some clean up I don't know. 475"/494" no@.050...
  8. Hot Metal

    Need a Good Website Calculator for ET to HP

    this one> ET/MPH From Horsepower Calculators Used it when I was racing and still do, add your weight and the rest of your running gear, input different hp levels to see results.
  9. Hot Metal

    512 cu Camshaft thinking

    ^^ I tend to agree with that, > bolt together 512 deal with 631hp with a carb@only 6000. My mates 440 Dart made bang on 600fwhp@6800rpm on track 12.6:1cr, MCH CNC Eddys@320cfm, 1050 Dominator, Victor intake, DC. .590 purple 271@.050, 2" hdrs. I...
  10. Hot Metal

    Personal Bests

    2019, My mates Mild hyd. cammed 440, 10:1?, 950HP carb/rpm intake hdrs, SS springs, std type rear shocks, 90/10 front in a 3800lbs RR, best 12.47@106 through muffs, 4.10's street/race radials 2020, Mild 10:1cr 589ci wedge, big 365cnc heads, small s/roller, same 950HP carb, 2.18" TTI's, 440-2...
  11. Hot Metal

    Why the hate for HR cams.

    New HR lifters...... first test
  12. Hot Metal

    X O U or J heads on a 416?

    A friends street/strip brkt car, runs in our NSS class '71 Demon, 340/416, stock 2.02 J heads, .475/.494" hyd. cam don't know @.050, approx 9.5:1?, TR with 2 650DP's, small hdrs, according to weight /mph makes around 420fwhp. Leaving over 100hp on the table with TF 190's and a .620 s/roller...
  13. Hot Metal

    Proposed 400 bb build, cam recommendations

    So your looking to make 600hp with a 200 shot? not NA.....if I remember correct IQ52 made 440-ish hp with a 7.85:1 400 with iron heads that flowed 250cfm@.500, an 850DP and the mopar .509 hyd. and stock rockers that weren't 1.5 ratio so lift was under .500 and with a single plane/hdrs. I...
  14. Hot Metal

    The truth about caltracs

    My mate who I used to crew for with his 3800lb '69 RR has done quite well with c/tracs/mono's and 9-ways with rubbish 15yr old 90/10's of some make, not earth shattering 60ft's but a best of 1.42, and 10.30@130, traps at just 6200-ish, low 1st gear in 727, 4.10 Dana, 10x29 Hoosier D06@17psi, 2...
  15. Hot Metal

    440 build 500+ hp build

    For interest, my friends 3700lb Challenger, 11.06@121, 1.54 60ft best=540>550fwhp. 440, 10.8:1, SFT cam with 1.6 rockers so .582",@.050? 6pk rods/KB pistons MCH CNC Eddy rpm's (72cc) to approx 300+?cfm Port matched M1, 830cfmDP runs well, wilson spacer 1.7/8" hdrs, 727, 4800 flash stall 3.91/28"...
  16. Hot Metal

    700hp 493 build specs thoughts

    I know you didn't, I agree with your CR theory, its just an example of how you can do it on low cr when you do not have a full on race engine designed. It all comes down to use. Although it can still be done on high cr if you pick the right cam for some street use as Dom and others have shown...
  17. Hot Metal

    700hp 493 build specs thoughts

    You can make good hp at low CR though, go big is one way, as an example> An engine my other mate bought for his street/strip RR 589ci, 10:1, CP between 185>190psi, 365CNC -13's, small s/roller, 260/270@.050, .625/.625" on 110 440-2, 950HPDP. 695hp@5500-5900. But I will say that if it was 12.5:1...
  18. Hot Metal

    700hp 493 build specs thoughts

    Way more than that. Study expansion ratio. Cr is it of course but this is a pump gas deal on V-power. Dom Thumper runs the old Isky .660 and has done for years@12.1:1, no issues on pump, I could not persuade him to do that.
  19. Hot Metal

    700hp 493 build specs thoughts

    I tend to agree with you, I heard bad things as well true or not, doesn't inspire one. He wouldn't go with a source kit cos the shipping was too expensive he said. Who am I to argue with that, He's paying nearly £4000 for the eagle kit to be delivered to his door if thats what he's actually...
  20. Hot Metal

    700hp 493 build specs thoughts

    No on the N02, UKNSS class is NA only. Don't know the exact spec it will end up at but when it does I'll put it all up inc. the dyno hp.
  21. Hot Metal

    700hp 493 build specs thoughts

    Noted, personally I did mention about a 470 or 512 more so on the 512 when talking about it all but not my money, I think the 496 kit has been ordered. I don't know exactly how much street driving its going to get, perhaps 30/70 race?..its only out to approx 4>5 meetings a year that may change...
  22. Hot Metal

    700hp 493 build specs thoughts

    This is going in a buddies 3700@line 1970 Challenger brkt car that hooks. Minimal street use. 400 block, 4.150 Eagle kit, 10.8>10.9:1CR TF270's, 264/268@.050 s/roller +/-, .660"+ 1.6 r/rkrs=.704 less lash, not sure on this yet? 2" hdrs, TF B intake or Indy, current 830DP, bigger later 1050...
  23. Hot Metal

    500+ horse 440

    '70 challenger brkt car, no guesses/dyno runs or glossy quoted top end packages, this is from the track and goes on weight/mph. 446ci, 10.8:1, 300cfm MCH ported Eddy heads, 1.6 rockers, .580 SFT cam 255@.050 M1, port matched cleaned up, 830cfmDP 1.7/8" hdrs, 3700lbs+@line 11.06@121, 1.54 60ft's...
  24. Hot Metal

    Any guys running low gear sets with strokers?

    A very tame monster, only 10:1cr, small s/roller, big MW 365cnc heads, big torque, fill up with V-power at the pump and street driven to track and raced with full exhausts and a puny old 950HP DP, with a TCI street 4200 stall converter.
  25. Hot Metal

    Any guys running low gear sets with strokers?

    Mopar Mega block, 4.565x4.500
  26. Hot Metal

    Any guys running low gear sets with strokers?

    589ci street wedge motor with low 1st gear in 727, SLR 11.23, 4.10's with 10x29's, 1.42 60 best@3800lbs@line, max power is only 690 from 5500-5900, traps@6200-ish, there's cars running slower 60's in the 9 7's and with lighter cars, our best is 10.30>50's.
  27. Hot Metal

    Ballpark Gear Ratio

    Use this link> ET/MPH From Horsepower Calculators Add in your estimated fwhp/and the rest of your parameters/weight ratio's tyre size to get an ET etc. etc., add converter slip to the trap rpm which can be 4>10%?. Play around with it and you'll see the differences. Been doing it since 1990, was...
  28. Hot Metal

    400 to 451 stroker questions

    And before I put the BV 906's on which is all I changed it made around 460, totally stock 1968 440-6 motor,+cam/carb/intake/hdrs of course went from a best of 119mph to 125NA and then 133.9 with spray@3300lbs@the line. Plan was to up CR to 12:1 min, never happened.
  29. Hot Metal

    400 to 451 stroker questions

    Back in 1991 my 440-6 stock balanced bottom end motor (5/16ths rings!, 9.5:1cr) with BV 906's made approx 520fwhp according to weight/mph and 660fwhp with a 175hp (rich jetted for then) shot of N20, single 850DP, Team G dom with spacer for 850 and the juice cam was the Comp Cams .650/.650"...