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  1. DNasty777

    59* R3 Help

    Just like every other day…
  2. DNasty777

    Goodbye Torqstorm, hello Spoolius Ceasar

    Looks awesome man! Very similar to my setup, I’m interested in seeing how that turbo works for you as I’d like to replace my GT45 with it. Also interested in seeing how you got the passenger side header in there, I had to hack to hell my inner fender on that side.
  3. DNasty777

    Best Intake for a 408

    So what’s the effective difference between the Victor340 and the Super Victor?
  4. DNasty777


    How tall is it from the bottom of the valley plate to the top hat flange, without the carb mounts? This would make a sweet LS throttle body/EFI manifold.
  5. DNasty777

    Factory eco injection.

    You could retro-fit all the EFI stuff from a Magnum motor on to an LA no problem.
  6. DNasty777

    Main cap girdles re-discussed

    The Barra is a Aussie ford inline six, the RB is a Nissan inline six, and the 4g63 is a DSM four cylinder.
  7. DNasty777

    New Victor340 intake from Jegs

    Wouldn’t surprise me none.
  8. DNasty777

    67 dart stroker hellcat gen3 hemi with twin turbos...

    Are you using shielded wire for the cam and crank signal wires?
  9. DNasty777

    Main cap girdles re-discussed

    I'm of the mind to agree with you generally, about the main girdles. From what I've read so far, most of the complaints seem to come from the fact the girdle isn't really tied to the caps at all, just sandwiched on top of them by the studs. I'd be inclined to believe that if the girdle was keyed...
  10. DNasty777

    New Victor340 intake from Jegs

    So what is the proper way to fix that misalignment?
  11. DNasty777

    Road Racing Duster 6.4 Hemi E85 6 speed Ms3 Pro Evo EFI

    Variable intake runner lengths?
  12. DNasty777

    Bolt on timing chain tensioner

    Common denominator of nylon inside the engine? That's basically every engine built since the '90s. Thats like saying every engine that failed had pistons in it, it's obviously a piston problem.
  13. DNasty777

    do we get these?

    I wonder what pricing is going to be...
  14. DNasty777

    Performer RPM Magnum heads?

    Mancini Racing sells pushrod oiling rockers
  15. DNasty777

    71 Duster 360 turbo build

    Thanks for the info. I just picked up an FTI 4500 stall so it looks like that just might work for me.
  16. DNasty777

    71 Duster 360 turbo build

    What’s the converter? Stock or did you upgrade it?
  17. DNasty777

    360 Magnum Build SFS (S-crounging F-or S-craps)

    @RAMM I thought you were going to shim up the stock hydros? Abandoned that plan because of limited lift?
  18. DNasty777

    $35 Electric Power Steering with Fail-Safe - No eBay module and no caster issues!!!

    You don't need any modules from the prius except for the one attached to the EPS itself. All it needs is an ignition trigger, power, and ground. Without the canbus signal it operates in "failsafe" mode which operates the EPS at about the power it normally operates at 25mph. You can buy a module...
  19. DNasty777

    Del is tempted............

    Pre-OBD1 trucks are only going up in value. For 10.5 I’d offer 7 and go from there if the underside is clean.
  20. DNasty777

    Full quarter panels

    Ship of Theseus
  21. DNasty777

    Anybody install a Milodon 30750 stock replacement oil pan?

    Do you have a preferred brand of oil pans?
  22. DNasty777

    RT magnum head question

    Awesome! Thanks!
  23. DNasty777

    '71 Demon Ebay turbo kit

    What kit did you buy? What do the headers look like? What turbos came with it?
  24. DNasty777

    RT magnum head question

    Still got those templates?
  25. DNasty777

    Black Friday deals .

    Will you be making a video for youtube on these heads?
  26. DNasty777

    '69 Valiant 2DR Project

    I got the exhaust dump tacked up. Still need to finish weld it, but I need to go get more argon before I can do that. I've also been working on wiring the Terminator X up. There's some slight changes I had to make to the harness to add coil-near-plug and to add my cam and crank sensors.
  27. DNasty777

    Black Friday deals .

    Yeah, in your case that's totally understandable. I don't have the experience or the flow bench to truly make honest improvements. I take it you're well over $400 to do your thing on a set of the 170s, but I'd assume you're getting much more out of them. Maybe one day when I find out I have an...
  28. DNasty777

    Black Friday deals .

    Worth it to spend the extra $400 on the 190cc speedmaster over the 170cc?
  29. DNasty777

    Jeep 4.0 Cam Sensor connector or pigtail

    Old thread but I thought I'd ask; do you have a part number for the Ford CPS?
  30. DNasty777

    69' Dodge Dart Resto/Upgrade in NY

    Sweet! Another FABO guy in Rochester! I'm just down the road in Webster.