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  1. jbc426

    12v key on problem

    With the key on run (Start 1), the power flows through the ballast resistor, which drops the voltage for longer ignition component life. With the key in the starter engagement position(Start 2) the power flows around the ballast resistor to give a hotter spark for better/quicker cold and warm...
  2. jbc426

    Spraying rustoleum,what gun?

    Paints should flow out and level when sprayed. This requires them to be thin or reduced enough to flow AND to remain thin long enough for this to happen, which requires the thinner to evaporate slow enough to allow flow out. Temperature plays a key role in this process. Once the thinner's flash...
  3. jbc426

    Which automatic behind 2001 5.9 magnum?

    I use a Stage 2 200R4 from Extreme Automatics and a Precision of New Hampton 3800 stall, 3 carbon disc clutch lock-up converter. It's the best automatic trans I've ever driven. I have it set up to only lock up the converter in 4th gear and have a single switch to unlock it if needed. I only...
  4. jbc426

    Steering column firewall brkt

    You can look on Speedway Motors web site. I have only seen 2" diameter colums, never a 2 1/8". You can always fabricate a mount that fits under the part you posted a picture of using a clamp.
  5. jbc426

    So I watched Bullit Tonight!

    Some time ago I read or watched a video that stated they had to keep stopping the Charger to let the Mustang catch up. They said the Charger was so much faster, cornered way better and braked much better and was hands down a superior driving experience.
  6. jbc426

    Digi-tails in a 68 barracuda - anybody done it?

    Same here. Look great. I also used LED's in my side marker lights. It made all my lights much brighter. I did use red LED's and yellow LED's in the appropriate spots. I don't have any of the uneven light distribution in any of the light lenses either. I added some orange underhood LED's and...
  7. jbc426

    Spark plug wire routing

    Mopar put out a Service Bulletin on spark plug routing on 5.2 & 5.9 Magnums due to misfires when the wires are routed wrong.
  8. jbc426

    tanks inc pa4 vs surge tank for efi

    I used a model very similar to the ones shown in the link posted just above this post. I never went back and posted pictures for this response, so here they are. Sorry for the delay.
  9. jbc426

    High Amp Alternator and Accessories Questions

    I found there is absolutely no need to run high amp power through the bulkhead connector. If you need to, use a separate bulkhead pass through that's rated for that amp load. I run my alternator cable to the factory relay lug on one car with less electrical demand, then a second cable continues...
  10. jbc426

    Supercooling gas for more horsepower...

    I'm going to retire soon, and plan on living significantly higher in elevation. I hate the power loss I feel when I drive up there, so I'm working towards putting super chargers on two of my rides. I want to run chillers on the air intakes. Chillers are the heat exchangers fitted on the intake...
  11. jbc426

    Vintage Air or Similar Setup

    I have the GenV in my 1968 Barracuda Convertible.
  12. jbc426

    Selecting cam to work with A/C

    My set-up is similar. The cam is a custom Hughes piece with 246/252 @ .050, .555"/.540" lift on a 108* LSA installed on 105* centerline. I have a 3700rpm stall lock-up converter and 4.30's with a 275/60-15 28" tall Drag radial. The ECU is supposed to take care of the A/C compressor drag, but the...
  13. jbc426

    rear brakes

    There should be a small rubber boot that covers a small valve that looks very similar to a schrader valve on an inner tube. If memory serves, The purpose is to allow the brake system to retain function in case the front or rear brake circuit has a catastrophic failure and loss of fluid. The...
  14. jbc426

    High speed rated radials

    I run Nitto Drag radials on the rear of both my Mopars. They are currently rated as a V (149mph) tire. They used to have a higher rating. On the front, I use V rated tires as well. Those are 225/60-15's there are quite a few V-rated 15 inch tires available out there besides the Avon tires...
  15. jbc426

    69 Barracuda grille shells

    I've had good luck using spray bombs including a few high heat paints and matching them to a known good color. It may cost a few cans I won't use because they were off a bit, but some are so close its amazing. These days I find the highest quality spray bomb paints at O'Riely's or Autozone.
  16. jbc426

    1300 hp mercury comet brake failure crash

    They lost me at deciding to taking out the car with a sticking throttle on a blown 600+ cubic inch motor. The part about intentionally riding the brakes because of the sticking throttle was over the top. The front rotors and calipers look WAY to small for anything over 2000 pounds. They look...
  17. jbc426

    Travel complaints

    The scary version? These people vote...
  18. jbc426

    360 Magnum flexplate / balancing experts !

    I'm a bit confused as to what you have going on, but I do know that 5.9 Magnums have extra balancing weights on the flex plates and harmonic balancers. 5.2 Magnums are neutrally balanced and have no additional weights on the balancer or flex plate. I had to oblong one hole in the flex plate...
  19. jbc426

    408 Valve train noise??

    Are you using Remflex gaskets? How did you check the head flange for leaks? Are you running headers or cast manifolds?
  20. jbc426

    Dodge Charger And Lifted Ram Show Us How Not To Remove A Stranded Vehicle On Florida Beach

    Amateurs. Those large diameter rims and short sidewall tires are not only ugly, but also ineffective for almost anything but street use. A proper tow rope needs to be connected to both vehicles on parts that can handle the forces involve when the towing vehicle accelerates away from the towed...
  21. jbc426

    Need measurement / distance between front upper shock tower A Body

    "I would weld in the shock tower then do the inner fender part as it welds directly to the shock tower." The factory only used about 4 or 5 spot welds on the very top of the shock towers and the inner fender. Over the years, my '68 Barracuda convertible had begun to tear those spot welds loose...
  22. jbc426

    Looking for 1971 340 block and 727 transmission 1E118166

    Yes, it's certainly coming along nicely. Alaskan_TA may have some stories of guys that located their original numbers blocks and transmissions. It's rare, but it does happen. I remember reading a story or two about guys reuniting the original engine and trans in their cars. Never give up hope.
  23. jbc426

    Looking for 1971 340 block and 727 transmission 1E118166

    Yes, its squirreled away down there, and the same number of people who have seen the numbers on them down there have seen them while it is out on the road, zero. Best of luck on your build.
  24. jbc426

    Stay clear of bison / buffalo --

    Those beasts should have to have warning labels clearly visible on each one of them, because there's not a pill you can take, there's not a class you can go to, stupid is forever!!!
  25. jbc426

    Looking for 1971 340 block and 727 transmission 1E118166

    Why so specific? I kind of understand kind of why you are looking for this stuff, and I wish you luck, but its none of my business. If you are not able to locate these specific year cores. I store my numbers matching block and transmission in my basement, so I don't live in fear of breaking...
  26. jbc426

    Not Charging after Madd bypass.

    One thing not to overlook is to running an equal size ground cable to the alternator, and make sure you have a good ground to the engine block and chassis. I am putting coil on plug ignition with my EFI install and will ground each head too. There is no reason to pass high amp loads through the...
  27. jbc426

    Shackle bushings

    Esspo has them. They know which size you need for factory shackles. I have been lubricating all my suspension bushings with synthetic disc brake grease for decades now. I never assemble any bushings without it. It won't attack rubber or plastic, won't wash out and has 3 excellent additives in...
  28. jbc426

    A-Body Shock Tower Question

    As mentioned above, that portion is spot welded to the inner fender well. On my '68 Barracuda, all but one or two of the spot welds there had broken loose. When installing my US Cartool chassis stiffening kit, I welded the entire shock tower to the inner fender and re-welded the spot welds. This...
  29. jbc426

    Convertible Courtesy Light/Bulbs

    I will have to pop one out, and post a picture of which LED bulb I used.
  30. jbc426

    Convertible Courtesy Light/Bulbs

    I used a colored LED on mine to both keep the light cooler and to enhance the visual effect of the lighting. Superbrite LED's has nice products. I also added a matching, flexible LED strip under the dash to increase light output in the footwell area.