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  1. seabee

    UTG engine build "callout"

    It's funny, but sad. For some, this is all they have left before their kids divide up their estate of dilapidated yard cars and lap dogs.
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    Pellet grill and smoker.

    Looks good to me:thumbsup:. Do you wrap at the stall?
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    My lower back is junk

    I ruptured my L5 severely at age 31 causing debilitating leg pain for over a year. At times I didn't sleep for days. There was no quick cure just a long road towards strengthening your core. Most people will stick their nose up at Yoga and exercise but it works. It just takes time and dedication.
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    Cat Piss.

    Update: A lot has happened since the initial piss incident. One night I went down to the garage to put a laundry load of loincloths in the wash as usual. When I flicked on the lights there it was. A juvenile mountain lion laying on top of the Barracuda. We locked eyes. An ancient bond formed...
  5. seabee

    Mr. Fixit.....

    I found a medical grade ultrasonic cleaner for "Parts Only" on Ebay for $100. It was just missing the knob. One $5 standard D-shaft knob replacement later and I have a like-new cleaner that goes for around $800 used, or $1200 new. Have run many a parts through it since.
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    What are you listening to ?

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    Big old homes and Churches

    Reminds me of the Cincinnati area. It's weird seeing large elaborate homes with spires and detailed trim and stone work in the middle of forgotten neighborhoods with multiple families living in them.
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    Vidmar Shelves and Drawers mounting.

    I always liked that brown crinkle finish. When they pop up on craigslist or offerup for cheap I can’t resist. ETA: Looking through Ebay's offerings today and found this. Wow! Vintage Green Kennedy Kit Semen/Sperm Transporter/Toolbox 20x10x8 1/2 | eBay
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    Vidmar Shelves and Drawers mounting.

    Perfect! Thanks.
  10. seabee

    Vidmar Shelves and Drawers mounting.

    I picked this up today for $80. Brand new 35x30x42 with a dent in the back. I am unfamiliar with the mounting slots and the Vidmar website isn't much help. Seems like it would be a universal type mounting system to add a drawer or shelf. Anyone here familiar with putting shelves or drawers in...
  11. seabee

    Are all 273 V8's the same?

    Same here. Mine is a 2bbl version that came with the car. I have gotten a few responses from others that have the earlier heads on their 66 273s as well. So OP, you might want to check the 273's heads even if it is installed in a 66' car just to be sure.
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    Mystery film on cam lobes

    X2 on the Schneider Cam Lube suggestion above. I coated a cam for storage with it when it was more like a Vaseline consistency and years later it had more of a waxy feel when I took it out. Schneider claims it is full of zinc and phosphorous so makes sense.
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    I'll wait until the FDA and Dr. Fauci $ay its OK. They wouldn't get it wrong.
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    Are all 273 V8's the same?

    I though there was a number of 66' 273s that had the earlier bolt angle-ed heads from 65' on them. I could be wrong (and often am) but I thought I got that information here at some point..
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    I tried the Delta 8 CBD gummies. Not sure about for pain but great for listening to music and mellowing out for a couple hours. I had to cut them in half as a full one would make me slurry and disorganized.
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    New harness

    I put my 21 circuit up above the driver's side kick panel area. If I did it again I would make a panel behind the glove box. I wish I would have gotten a 12 circuit instead, too many wires and bulk. For the bulkhead I had a stainless steel plate and hogged out a hole for the grommet.
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    Great thread. I wonder if the OP hardened his home or stopped at the gun purchase like most do and call it good.
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    Don't do this to your children

    That is probably harder to deal with than straight junk because it is a bunch of stuff with a little value in stead of just trash to be chucked. This is similar to what my inlaw's garage and closets were like: Junk mixed with trash mixed with cat turds. At some point their clothes dryer lint...
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    Just started a YouTube channel

    Very well done! Perfect length, editing, and flow IMO. Looking forward to more!
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    Don't do this to your children

    We went through this 4 years ago and it was a massive headache and time sink trying to give stuff away. Posting online in CL and Offerup "free" was a headache because all the hoarders wanted you to hold stuff for them etc.. and family took their sweet ass time getting what they wanted. I tried...
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    Guns, Dogs and Blades QnA

    Most RSOs I've seen are about a small flight of stairs from a stroke. It's a bad look.
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    Cat Piss.

    Update: I pulled the interior out, doused the carpet with enzyme pet spray, let set, then used a powerwasher to thoroughly wash. Luckily the the floor mats were the worst hit so I just chucked them. I had extra padding so replaced the spots I thought it might have soaked through. The seats are...
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    Cat Piss.

    I watched the whole thing, pretty hilarious.
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    Cat Piss.

    It's definitely a touchy subject. I can't blame a cat for coming in my garage and doing it's natural thing but definitely irritated that some owners let their cats roam. I now live in an older suburb where most are retirees and have their toy dogs and multiple cats. This has its share of...
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    Cat Piss.

    I wish I knew who the owner was. Didn't see the cat but we have a few indoor/outdoor cats roaming the neighborhood.
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    Cat Piss.

    With these ammo prices? 900mm of leather belt on the owner is what I'm feeling.
  27. seabee

    Cat Piss.

    Someone's cat got into the garage and pissed all in my Barracuda. The smell is unbearable. I'm going to pull out the seats, padding, and carpet this weekend and deep clean it. Anyone ever deal with this bullshit? What did you use? (for the cat and the piss)
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    Intake manifold

    Maybe not, like the guys said above it takes some attention to detail to make it work but I have had an early 273 with a Performer that worked fine for many years as a daily driver.
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    Should I sell

    Something else to consider: If you sell it now and the dollars you get for it have a fraction of their purchasing power in a month, did you really make out on the deal? Unless you immediately put that money towards another hard asset it very well could be very regrettable.