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  1. Sledgehammer

    Hey survey question.

    I am looking to take my business in a different direction which is more mainstream sport oriented. I am looking at doing custom products for race teams, team sports for teams and players, etc. I am looking at doing customized clocks, mouse pads, coffee mugs, calendars etc, greeting cards...
  2. Sledgehammer

    New pics.....hopefully more coming this week.

    Here is a few pics from the NSCA race a few weeks ago at Quaker City Raceway - Salem, OH -eRic-
  3. Sledgehammer

    It's Running! The smell of race fuel in the garage..hmmm!!!!

    This car is telling me something. The last time I had the car running was July 5, 2002. I restarted it unintentionally July 5, 2004. This car and 2's is wierd. I numbered the car 911......and this happened 11/11/2001. On the 2nd qualifying attempt. 2 years since I last raced the...
  4. Sledgehammer

    What dragstrips have you raced at?

    Memphis Motorsports Park - Memphis, TN Gateway International - St. Louis, MO Virginia Motorsports - St. Petersburg, VA Maryland International - Budds Creek, MD Capital Raceway - Crofton, MD 75-80 - Urbana, MD Mason-Dixon - Hagerstown, MD
  5. Sledgehammer

    Sorry I have been MIA - been working on the Dart and garage

    I am trying to get the car ready to go to Canada for the Fastest Street Car Shootout on July 9 - 11. I still have my mild motor in the car and will be running for the fun of it. I am also an associate sponsor for the CFSC event. Trying to get the word out about me and 2Fast Designz...